95 year old Dad is embarrassed of his walker and won't go out! How do I help him?

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My Dad who is mentally well is embarrassed of his walker and won't go out. Because of this he's sitting around a lot and getting de-conditioned. How do I help him. He won't wear his hearing aids either! Stubborn guy.

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It's vanity. My 96 year old Dad is EXACTLY the same. I bought him a Winnie 3-wheel Rollator Walker, and then set up to have a few people (mostly attractive women) comment on how sporty he looks using the walker. In fact, now strangers comment on what a great walker he has. No more objections to using it.
Lavendargirl, my Mom was that way, in fact she didn't even want my Dad to outside with his walker to get the mail.... both were in their 90's.

Dad just ignored my Mom as he was delighted with his brand new Rollator Walker, which had handbrakes, a seat, and a basket where he could toss in the mail from the mailbox which was at the end of their driveway [I know, what in the world are they doing still living in a single family house].

Mom was afraid what would the neighbor's think if they saw Dad with the walker.... I knew what they thought, they were probably saying "well, it's about time".

If your Dad doesn't have a Rollator Walker, it is worth the extra money to buy one. They are so much easier to use then a regular walker, if you think your Dad can use the hand brakes.

Once my Dad moved into senior living, many of the guys living there had such walkers, and they were comparing them... no different than teen age boys comparing their cars :))

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