My mother is 94 she's mentally sharp, has walker. She can't get around much on it now she needs assistance but not around clock. Would her Medicare /Medicaid cover most her rent? We're moving to Starke and want mom to stay near us.

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In my area we have Senior living apartments for 62 yrs old and up. They are managed by HUD. Rent is based on income. At ours its 30% of ur total income. For low income people they can get foodstamps and help with utilities.
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Medicare is insurance for health care coverage, like hospitalization and doctor costs.

LTC Medicaid for paying room & board costs is limited to coverage for those shown to be “at need” both medically and financially unless your state has a waiver program that covers other care beyond that in a NH. Medically “at need” usually is requiring skilled nursing care aka a NH. Financially “at need” is basically being impoverished with no more than 2k in nonexempt assets and under whatever monthly income maximum your state has set (most about $2100) for an individual applicant.

If your mom is still sharp, healthy, relatively good on her ADLs, competent & cognitive, she won’t be medically eligible for LTC NH placement paid by Medicaid even if she’s impoverished. To change this will not be simple, you may want her to become a patient of a gerontologist or gerontology group that are also medical directors at NH where your moving to. So they can re-evaluate her health chart to see if she can meet the criteria for LTC Medicaid in the new state. If she’s really healthy, then there no way she’s going to be LTC Medicaid eligible, so it’s private pay for housing or Section 8 as Ahminjoy suggested. If she moves in with you, really you should do a proper personal care agreement or rental agreement between you & her so there’s no issues from Medicaid later on as to how the $$ paid by mom to you to ever being considered “gifting”.  She can properly spend down to get financially eligible for Medicaid & perhaps have some of the $ in the spend down done within the agreement. 

Please be cautious in moving her before you have a solid idea as to what her living situation & it’s affordability is likely to be. Good luck!
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Medicare/Medicare won’t pay rent if you mean could Mom move into an apartment, Independent or Assisted Living. Mom would need to be in a nursing home before they would pay. If you want her to live in an apartment on her own with home health care, maybe check out Section 8 apartments. And also check with Medicare/Medicaid to see what they will pay for by way of home health care.
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