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Yes, she’s on meds for agitation. I guess my concern is that she misses her AM pills & is not eating or drinking.
It worked out the past two days & I just let her sleep well into the afternoon. She has, actually, felt better than when I try to wake her earlier.
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Mimidi46, once someone is in their 90's, they have lived a very long life, they are tired.

My parents use to brag how they only needed 6 hours of sleep at night. They totally forgot that they would doze off after breakfast.... doze off after lunch.... doze off before dinner... and really nod off after supper. So there's another 4 to 6 hours added to the total.

Plus at that age, with some elders, they lose their hearing, part of their eyesight, and walking can become difficult. Not a whole lot of fun filled exciting things to do to keep them awake :(
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For what purpose?

I guess the answer depends on who you're waking her up for? You or her? Do you try to wake her up? To get up to eat, drink, pee? If so, is she interested in doing so or resistant?

Is she on new meds or just gradually came to be this way?
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