What are the last stages I can expect?

Your profile says that your mother has dementia. As a person with that condition progresses they lose the ability to do most everything for themselves, such as walking, talking, feeding self, chewing, etc. It can happen at anytime. Stages don't really go in an exact order. That's just a general guideline.

From what I saw with my LO, who has Vascular Dementia, possibly mixed with Alz., she lost the ability to walk pretty early as well as becoming incontinent. Years later she stopped almost all speech and ability to feed self. I'd also keep in mind that sometimes, a person with dementia may perform a task, but, later they can't. It does fluctuate, so, I'd not expect a 90 year old lady with advanced dementia to be doing much for herself at all. They are helpless and not really intellectualizing their care. Have you explored Hospice? They proved very helpful to my LO and me.
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