Lo and behold, ER doc ordered MUCH bloodwork. Which led to CT scan ( Her D-dimer test was elevated).

She has blood clots in her lungs!!!! Total shock to me!!

She did not complain she couldn’t breathe or any other signs. Thank God this was caught.

But, I am seeing during her hospital stay, she is so weak, O2 keeps dropping and her dementia is SO much more obvious.

Is all of this typical of lung blood clots???

This is my first experience......

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Thank you everyone for your experiences.
She May come home tomorrow, hospital has to get all straight regarding nighttime-c-pap oxygen.
She has “supposedly” been on nighttime O2 for a year now according to her C-pap doctor. We already had an oxygen concentrator, hooked up to mask.
She quit using it, unbeknownst to me!!!!
Can you say “ Non-compliant”???????
The perplexing part, no idea how long she may have had blood clot in her lungs!!!!
No symptoms, except shortness of breath that I could hear, been going on probably a year, she never complained and despite family doctor visit in fall, cardiology visit with multiple tests in January ( including Doppler test on legs!!!) and c-pap visit to doctor on Monday, 2-17-20, all 3 said her O2 levels were fine!!!!!!
( Via pulse oximeter in office)
If THREE doctor office visits didn’t catch this.....what in the world!!!!!!! B
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My dad has a PE, it was diagnosed 3 weeks ago I think. Maybe 2. He’s not had a single symptom. It was discovered during a routine lung scan (he’s a smoker). He’s on a medication, I don’t recall what and doing fine. They are monitoring it by blood work and his numbers are great.
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Just wanted to add that my mother was 85 when she had the PEs. She spent 1 week in the hospital (if that) and was sent home with night oxygen after a sleep study. That was about it. She had a quick recovery and no issues since. Probably b/c it was caught very early in.
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My husband was in a coma for 4 days because of PEs.

He didn't even have any breathing problems, just felt like he was get a cold or something.

This is a long recovery, with lots of follow up.

I pray that she is okay.

These are serious scary, life threatening issues. So happy that you caught it.
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Back in 2011, my mother had pulmonary embollisms..............all she was doing was dry coughing a bit, but I asked my son to take her to the ER where lo & behold, they were discovered. She was not short of breath nor was she complaining of feeling badly. She was hospitalized then, and yes, her O2 levels did drop. She was given blood thinners as well. She did not have obvious dementia at that time, but dementia ALWAYS worsens with whatever illness crops up. Always.

Wishing you and your mom the best, and a quick recovery!
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