Two different things are now going on: 1) when she eats, all of a sudden she feels like she has to throw up but only phlegm comes up. She has a little pain in her stomach when this happens. She is on Omneprezole (sp?) for heartburn and acid reflux and she takes it every day. She has had an endoscopy and nothing was found. She has had a CT scan and they found a little diverticulitis. 2) About once or twice a month, her lower intestine area starts hurting and she has to go to the bathroom. At first she can't go and then BAM! All of a sudden she has to go and has diarrhea and it explodes every where. She can't run and barely makes it to the bathroom. They do not want to do a colonoscopy at her age. Has anyone had a similar experience and do you know why this happens?

As we age we also can't tolerate dairy products. My daughter, after years of stomach problems, found she can't tolerate eggs. Spaghetti sauce bothers her too.
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Sendhelp Aug 17, 2019
Thanks for your contribution, as I was suspecting eggs (sad) and spaghetti sauce as two items that contribute to my own discomfort. If it weren't for this help coming from others, I would not be able to feel better.

Hoping the Citrucel works for me, as I have even neglected taking my Metamucil, and I am going to try the Citrucel. Also, I cannot take Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium, and others. So I have switched to Pepcid has Tums in it.. I have researched the gut/brain connection and I personally think taking those meds may (disclaimer, my opinion only) add to a person falling, for some reason.

The information you have provided is invaluable to me personally, and makes me glad to still be reading the experienced and generous caregivers who still contribute!

Know that you are appreciated!
Very interesting! We are seeing her doctor on Monday and I will mention that. Is Citrucel over the counter or prescribed?
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AlvaDeer Aug 16, 2019
Over the counter right next to the metamucil. Same sort of thing.
I personally cannot take omneprezole. (Prilosec, correct). Here's what happens. Instant having to go to bathroom with absolutely ZERO control of sphincter. I have never had anything like it. I could not leave the bathroom quite literally. I couldn't tell I had to go at all, then suddenly there it was coming out without my feeling it almost. This is the single drug I cannot take. I would get her off it and see if that helps, and go to pepcid or some other pill for acid reflux.
Do this before any colonoscopy, please.

As to what DOES work great for me, it is citrucel. Not metamucil. They ferment differently in the gut and metamucil increases gas, making stools more difficult to hold onto and more urgency fror the bathroom. Citrucel works for both diarrhea and constipation and is a great "roughage" that is gentle, works great for diverticulitis. I have pretty much a long history of irritable bowel syndrome with gut pain, and diverticulitis. But Citrucel once a day works just great.
Good luck!!!!! This is a pain in the butt!
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Geaton777 Aug 16, 2019
Alva, my mom has struggled with IBS her whole life and it's getting worse. This last year her Internist told her to take Imodium when she was experiencing symptoms (diarrhea) and it has helped her quite a bit. She does use Metamucil so your info about Citrucel is very interesting and we'll give it a go. Thanks so much!
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