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The last time you posted was Sept 2019. You then said Mom had Dementia but nothing about Dad. Is he also now showing signs. Because night terrors are part of Dementia. My Mom would have them. Sometimes it was just a scream others worse. I would wake her up during the worst ones. Tell her to open her eyes and then go back to sleep. (I am a dreamer. I found that when I open my eyes the bad ones go away. I forget them)

Moms neurologist told me not to worry if they only occur once or twice a week. More often, he would give her something for them.
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Grandma1954 Apr 2020
how did you get the info about the post in 2019?
My FIL has vascular dementia and started having nightmares and hallucinations all night long. People were after him from the war, he saw dead people; just all sorts of things. He was really afraid. He had delusions during the day too but what he described at night was concerning. We had him seen by facility psychiatrist when he came for rounds and he was put on Abilify, which is an anti-psychotic medication. It is not really indicated for dementia patients so I was a little concerned but it really works well for him. The nightmares stopped and he was not afraid anymore. He was already on Lexapro which helped so he was not sleeping all the time
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A little more info would greatly help.
What is dad's diagnosis?
Is this PTSD?
Is this a side effect of a medication he is on?
Does his doctor know about the night terrors?
If it is a reoccurring terror what is it? Or are they different?
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