I originally came on these boards for advice regarding my grandmother and getting her in a nursing I am looking for advice regarding my grandfather.

Background, he is 86yo, he is in remission with prostate cancer that started to spread to the bones. I believe he's been doing the monthly hormone shots for about 3 years at least (I just got involved with his care about 1.5 years ago after my Mom passed). We just found out that he now has colon cancer that has not started to spread, and they are suggesting surgery. I'm not sure that I agree with him having surgery. Ultimately, it will be his decision, he is of sound mind. Otherwise, he is mostly healthy, only takes meds for blood pressure and cholesterol. He had a quadruple bypass about 10 years ago, with no complications since. Any feedback would be appreciated!!

My mother was also mostly healthy when diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at age 82. Surgery and chemo were successful and she lived to age 99 cancer-free. Do seek professional medical advice to help your grandfather make an informed decision for his specific case.
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Do you know how they will need to do this surgery? My mother had to have a polyp removed from her colon a few years ago. She is now 88. It could not be removed from a standard colonoscopy yet they could do it without being too invasive. The polyp turned out to have 3 cancers within it yet it had not spread. She recovered without any problems. Happy to answer any other questions if I can.
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I agree with Grandma, the one thing I might suggest is getting a second and or other medial professional opinions. The doctor treating him has already suggested surgery but that may be a text book recommendation for most of this doctors patients and he or she hasn't considered your GF's other medical issues and age. Especially given his sound mind and relatively healthy appearance and I would want someone with a senior care specialty or his PC who has known him through the prostate cancer to weigh in. Just my 2 cents
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Just my two cents, but the urologist told my husband when there was a suspicion of prostate cancer that more men die “with” it than “of” it.
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Definitely will let him make his own decision, but he does rely highly on my advice and opinions. Thanks for the quick answer, I do definitely agree with your opinion.
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If he is of sound mind then this is his decision.
Personally I would opt to not have surgery.
At the age of 86 with the health problem he currently has (prostate cancer that has spread to the bone..even though it is in remission this is a "sleeping giant") it is very possible that by getting rid of the colon cancer it may "wake the giant"
And if this is a slow growing cancer doing nothing might be the best thing.
consult with the doctor and get their take on it and let Grandpa have the final say once all the cards are on the table.
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