He is now suffering from Dementia, but is still living at home. I am his sole caregiver. Is there any help available from the Veterans organization for this type of situation? We live in British Columbia.

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Find Care & Housing If part of the URL is deleted, search for "VA programs in British Columbia". I think this may only be for Canadian Veterans, but they might be able to connect you to a US Veteran Center with jurisdiction over US citizens living in Canada.

Or call one of the US Veteran facilities. There's a central office in the SE US, but I just checked my VA directories and don't have the TF number for it.

I guess the first order of business is determining what arrangements the VA has for American citizens now living in Canada. It's possible you may have to go to a VA hospital in the States.

Another possible avenue: search on "VA programs for vets living overseas"

One hit I found is:

I don't know however if Canada is considered "abroad" since it's our (very good) close neighbor.

You might also contact an American Legion or VFW post in the US and ask them; they provide assistance to Veterans who want to qualify for care.

Good luck; I've never addressed an issue like this before.
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