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This must be a fairly common complaint. I’ve had two family members have it. One was alcohol related. Happened during detox. Other was after a fall. Low sodium. Brain trauma. In both cases it went away.
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My Dad was seeing bugs on the wall in the hospital when he came out of a coma. I was thinking it was from medication because he also thought a nurse was trying to kill my sons.

It stopped after a few days.
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Well, it could be. But........does your mom have vision issues like Macular Degeneration, by chance? If so, that could be at the root of seeing bugs on the ceiling rather than dementia. Before my mother was diagnosed with MD, she was seeing it 'raining out' all the time when it wasn't.

This can also be indicative of a UTI (urinary tract infection) which can bring with it all sorts of odd behaviors. Something else her doctor can easily test for.

If your mother is exhibiting other signs of dementia, however, then it's most likely due to that & she should have a cognitive evaluation by the doctor.

Good luck!
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Marisela Dec 2019
Thank you and Yes! My mom has issues with both eyes due to diabetes. One being leakage of the blood vessels behind the eye which required injections about six months ago (MD) and the other eye has a macular hole for which she had surgery a year ago, but it was unsuccessful because she didn't follow through with instructions from her dr where she needed to keep
her head in the face down position for two weeks. She was tested for UTI last week and none was found. I will definitely reach out to her eye specialist. Thank you again!
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