My son is partial caretaker but all day from 5am until 9pm I am alone. Any other assistance?


Help. I have progressive multiple sclerosis. My son is partial caretaker. All day 5am until 9pm I am alone. Falling freq, can't bath or cook

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Maur, what State do you live in?

Have you applied for Medicaid?
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Do you qualify for Meals on Wheels? They can deliver two meals per day to your door. If I remember correctly they provide 6 days a week, no Sundays or holidays. The volunteers that deliver MOW are usually seniors and maybe you can develop a network through them & they can share resources.
You don't have to be on Medicaid for Section8, if you are on SSDI you should qualify. There is low income housing in every state. You can investigate Department of Health & Human services website.
Good luck to you.
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Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately because I am only 56,but I have been Disabled since 2004,and only have Medicare.It's amazing I worked as a Registered Nurse for 30yrs, and I pay for my insurance and meds (275 month). And I have made so many calls and I'm always denied.Last year I was in hospital for Sepsis and I was only given 2 days a week of a caretaker(for 1hour) for 2weeks. Then 3weeks later I was readmitted@75lbs, and had to have blood transfusions. My doc demanded with the social worker and Medicare that I needed more help and more hours. So I was given only one week with nurses aide again for 2days & only 1hour. I can't afford t to pay out of pocket. Amazing I have a sister who worked only 3 yrs and she is getting everything free. NJ Medicade gives section 8,aide 5 days a week for 5 hours,food assistance too etc... Sorry I'm rambling but it gets to me that there is rhyme or reason for this. I appreciate ur help and listening too!!!!
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Please contact your local area council on aging ( or even the AARP or MS associations to determine if help is available to you. Many seniors volunteer their time to hang out with or keep company to those in need - and they are typically registered with such agencies or associations. Please seek assistance or ask someone you trust to assist in getting this information. Take care.
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Next time you fall by accident or on purpose call 911 and be taken to the ER. Tell them your situation and request a social worker arrange the help you need. Your local County health dept should be able to arrange someone to come in help bath, prepare a simple meal and do light house work in your area and arrange meals on wheels.
You may also be able to go to a day care program where they usually have a bus come to the house to pick you up and bring you home. You also usually get a meal. If you don't fancy the ER route pick up the phone and call social services and if you are old enough the local agency on aging. if you have the funds you can hire privately for someone to come in for at least a few hours every day.
It is very lonely when you have a progressive disease and have to manage mostly alone so seek help now.
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