(Mother's POA in Michigan) With the help of elder law attorney, I was able to see that mother in nursing home qualified for Medicaid in 2019. There was a penalty period (private pay) due to her "gifting" some of her money earlier in the year. I am currently filing her 2019 taxes and have been told by the tax preparer that he will have to charge me almost $450 to file the gift tax form. (Mother gifted more than the threshhold $15,000 per recipient but I've been assured that there will be no gift tax to pay.) If nothing else, I might be able to tackle the 5-page form myself but worried about the "correct" way to make sure it is reported properly.

Anyone had experience in this? Advice? Thank you

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AARP has some tax help as well? Give them a call and ask for recommend. Also some Senior Centers; I know there is free tax help at some in California where I live. Wishing you luck. That's a lot, but it cost me 156.00 for very simple filing this year. I think it is something I just expect to do to take a load off my mind that all the i's are dotted and t's crossed.
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Clementine49 Mar 2, 2020
AlvaDeer, like you, I willingly pay to have mother's taxes done each year, just for the peace of mind. But just looking over the gift tax form is causing me palpitations -if reporting gifts is mandatory, why make the form so incredibly complex? One of the "giftees" is having a FIT b/c he has to supply his SSN for the form and says it will really screw up his Obamacare. As if it is MY fault! I find it all too overwhelming at the moment. (Thanks for the AARP & senior center suggestions. I will look into them.)
Download the form 709 from the IRS web site and take a shot at completing it yourself.    If you're uncomfortable, e-mail (don't call) the IRS with your questions.  Sometimes it takes a month for them to respond, but at least you have the instructions directly from the IRS.

I've never used a paid preparer so I don't know what the cost is.   One of the firms I worked for prepared 709s for clients, but the charge would have been on an hourly basis.   That was a few decades ago though.
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