It's been 2 years, no contact with my brother. Now what do I do?


I just received an email from my brother wishing me Happy Birthday. I have just suffered the longest, hardest 2 years of my life as a sole caregiver taking care of Mom after multiple hip surgeries. My brother has not contacted my Mom at Christmas or Thanksgiving or her Birthday, or even when I thought she may not make it much longer. I know the right thing is to forgive, and I do, but....

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All three of us, Mom, me, & my brother, were really really close, until my Sister and her Husband moved back. The sister and her husband moved away, oh about 4 or 5 years ago. I believe the sister & brother-in-law had alot to do with my brother neglecting both my Mom & me.
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Could this be an olive branch? If it is, I'd say take baby steps back, providing you WANT to. Remember after mom is gone, do you really want to have nothing to do with your brother ever again? He probably has his own issues with mom, and they really are his and hers in the end. Wish I had something more helpful to pass on. Life is too short. I do know that. ♥
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