I have neuropathy in my hands and legs.

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Your county should have a disabilities dept. Office of Aging should be able to help. Is the problem your toilet is not high enough? There are really nice extenders out called hirisers. I bought one that bolts to the toilet. You unscrew the present bolts and use the long ones included. This makes for a more stable seat. If you need arms to help you up and you have the room, a commode works great. You take the bar off the back of the commode. You can either take the present seat off or just put it up. Push the commode over the toilet. There should be a splash guard included when u buy the commode. It takes the place of the bucket and goes down into the toilet bowl. The legs of the commode can be adjusted just not too high because of the splash guard. The commode has its own seat and sometimes a place for the toilet paper roll. Because there are legs you are more stable.
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I agree with Ahmijoy about calling the Agency on Aging, or possibly the organization your state has for persons with handicaps. You might also try dialing 211. I'm not sure if it is operational in all locations, but if it is it is a nonprofit referral service for charitable resources.
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Contact your local area Agency on Aging to see if there might be a local group who would donate a toilet and possibly even install it. I believe this would fall under making your home handicap accessible.
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