The venue for this party only holds 68 seated guests. How can the invitation be worded for folks that may only want to come by to wish a happy birthday and not stay for food?

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Most people when they get an invitation to a party, expect to be served some type of food, even if it's only cake and ice-cream. If the venue only holds 68, and you are inviting more than that, make it an open invite to all to come between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.(as an example). You can say "You are welcome to come and go any time between those hours, as we celebrate our guest of honor."

This may not even be an issue with people still being paranoid about Covid, and not wanting to gather in big crowds. But I say good for you, for wanting to celebrate such a BIG milestone. It's about time we get back to some sort of normalcy and start having fun again.
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ccass1156 Apr 20, 2021
The way you worded it sounds good. I know she has some doctors and acquaintances that don't plan on staying. Perhaps only like 5-6 folks like that. The rest will want to sit for a while. The party isn't until Dec. 18th so who knows how we'll be with covid then anyway. It is a buffet-type meal. So if they want to grab a bite it is no big deal. Thanks.
I agree, make it an open house with invited guests only for the meal (if that's what you are planning). It will be easier to keep the two separate if you have the invite only part prior to the open house rather than after.
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I gave my Mom a 100th birthday party. It was from 11:30-1:30pm and 100 people came. I sent out invites and noted RSVP was required. I also noted lunch would be served. We had lunch catered and is was super easy.

My Mom was beat after those 2 hours and it was a perfect amount of time. We held it at the local Knights of Columbus.

Obviously, this was before COVID. It was a very special day.
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Sally will be receiving well wishers from 3-3:30 and joining her family for a light meal and social hour from 4-6:00 in the main hall.
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