Strengthen Hand Muscles for a Better Grip

If your aging parent has arthritis, the Xtensor Hand Exercise is proven to be an effective treatment method for seniors suffering with arthritis. Through a series of simple resistance exercises performed a few minutes a day, the elderly can strengthen their arthritis-afflicted muscles and tendons, as well as increase flexibility and range of motion in their finger joints.

The Xtensor reduces stiffness, improves dexterity, and makes daily activities easier in just a few minutes a day, 3 to 4 days per week.

  • Patented Hand Strengthener, Strengthens the muscles as you open your hand, helping to reverse issues stemming from a life time of gripping and squeezing.
  • Focus on Individual Finger Strength to address problems that traditional hand strength tools overlook.
  • Hand Grip Exerciser is meant to Correct Muscle Problems and Increase Blood Flow to the Affected Area; Restores Vital Nutrients to the Muscle and Tendons.
  • Helps People with Arthritis Reduce Hand Pain and Stiffness while also Improving Finger Function and Movement for better finger mobility.
  • No Assembly Required; Combining this hand grip strengthener with the Clinically Fit EZElbowPro system will Provide Long Term Relief from tennis elbow, or epicondylitis, and other issues such as rheumatoid arthritis.

For more information, visit Xtensor Deluxe Reverse Grip Hand And Finger Exerciser to Help Hand Stiffness.

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