The Urifunnel is an award winning simple portable urinal device for boys and men that is designed to convert an ordinary commode into a urinal for males of all ages. Its patented design is a cost-effective alternative to maintaining a clean, hygienic & safe restroom. It was created by a family who has a son with special needs where toileting was especially an issue but found there were multiple markets who could benefit. The Urifunnel portable urinal is useful for any male that wishes to promote hygiene, dignity, and independence while using the bathroom. It is a great device that will drastically reduce the amount of cleaning in the bathroom and enhance the lives of the patient and their families.

  • The Urifunnel is a portable urinal funnel used to maintain a clean, safe & hygienic bathroom.
  • The Large (LRG) Urifunnel is 32" tall and is used by tall individuals who on average are over 6'3"
  • It is made from a medical grade plastic that is durable, lightweight & waterproof.
  • Drastically reduces the amount of urine splatter on toilets and surrounding areas.
  • It promotes independence, dignity & and confidence while using the bathroom.

To learn more, visit Urifunnel Portable Urinal Funnel for Men Converts Toilet into Urinal.

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