The elderly, as well as those recovering from operations, have trouble lowering themselves down to sit on the toilet. Caregivers who have elderly mothers or fathers, disabled parents or parents recovering from operation such a hip or knee surgery, will appreciate the convenience and safety features of the Toilet Riser.

Constant mounting and removal are unnecessary; just install this toilet riser once and forget about it. Easy Toilet Riser goes in at the toilet base, so upper toilet damage is avoided, and there is no extra topside stress that bears on the toilet.

The Medway Easy Toilet Riser boosts toilet seats from the bottom and can be used with any toilet. Which means you'll be able to keep using the same seat you've always used. The seat riser that's safe and sturdy. There are no extra bells and whistles, nothing extra to clean, and no "adjustments" family caregivers will have to make to daily routines.

The Medway Corporation's Easy Toilet Seat Riser provides an attractive washroom solution. Our raised toilet seat is the handicapped bathroom accessory that doesn't look like an accessory.

For more information, visit 19″ Medway Complete Easy Toilet Riser Kit.

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