Foot Care Beyond Compare

Are you tired of bending, stretching, and hopping around trying to wash your feet? Now you don't have to!

The FootMate™ System is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet every time you shower. The FootMate's contoured bristles massage and clean your feet, while the Rejuvenating Gel leaves your feet feeling soft and thoroughly cleansed.

The FootMate's unique Rejuvenating Gel is a natural antiseptic, cleanser, and conditioner all in one. It is made with tea tree oils, aloe, and natural skin conditioners- specially formulated for feet.

The FootMate™ System is for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of a soothing foot massage while taking better care of their feet- people with diabetes, arthritis, back pain, athletes, pregnant women, etc. A gentle back-and-forth motion are all that's required to massage, condition, and clean your feet from a convenient standing position!

The FootMate System is the ultimate foot massage and the perfect way to pamper your tired, aching feet. For more information, visit  The FootMate System - Foot Massager and Scrubber for Bathtub and Shower with Rejuvenating Foot Care Gel.

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