Here at SATECH, Inc., we know that falls are going to happen, but we believe that injuries don’t have to. Our goal is to help your loved-one be safe by taking action and proactively seeking out a solution before a costly fall occurs. This is why we have engineered a highly-effective cushioned flooring technology for preventing fall-related injuries. SmartCells® have been clinically proven to reduce fall-injury rates by 43% among seniors.  

Designed and engineered using patented and proven SmartCells Cushioning Technology, our suite of Fall Protection mats and flooring products can help minimize or reduce serious injury without compromising accessibility. The dynamic, responsive cushioning technology provides stability for balance-impaired persons and caregivers, while at the same time providing life-saving cushioning by reducing up to 90% of the impact force when a loved one falls.

SmartCells are available as pre-sized mats, wall-to-wall flooring, and custom modular mat applications depending on your specific needs or floorplan. SmartCells fall protection solutions also provide caregivers peace of mind knowing that the cushioned flooring will be there to help reduce fall-related injuries even when you can’t be.

Benefits Include:

    • Prevent Fall-Related Injuries - The SmartCells structure is engineered to off-load up to 90% of the impact forces that occur when a fall happens and have been clinically proven to reduce fall injury rates by 43%.
    • Reduce Tripping Hazards - Pre-sized 3’x5’ mats are molded as one piece and incorporate beveled edges around the entire perimeter.
    • Will Not Slip or Slide - Custom modular fall mats do not slip or slide across the floor, are typically left in place, and can include ADA compliant transition ramps.
    • Easy to Implement SmartCells Fall Protection solutions are simple to install and can be configured to any desired shape. Their modular design allows the mats to easily be installed over existing flooring and connected together around beds or furniture.
    • Supportive and Stable SmartCells Fall Protection products will not impair balance or gait, and support common rolling loads.
    • Take the Guesswork Out of Fall ProtectionSmartCells Fall Protection Solutions range from portable and targeted solutions to full wall-to-wall room coverage to ensure your loved one is protected wherever a fall may occur.
    • Built to Blend InAvailable as a standalone solution or cushioned underlayment for full room applications. SmartCells flooring comes in a variety of colors, surface textures, and coatings, or can be installed beneath carpet tiles or vinyl.
    • Minimize Infection Control RisksThanks to their rubber-based formula, SmartCells Fall Protection products are easy-to-clean and will not absorb any liquids or fluids.
    • Commitment to Quality - SmartCells Fall Protection products come with an industry-leading 8-year warranty.
    • Made in the USA- Based in Chehalis, WA, our products are proudly manufactured in the United States.

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