The World's Most Comfortable Headphones

Soft headband headphones are ideal for comfortably listening to music or audio books without disturbing others or while falling asleep.

  • HELPS WITH INSOMNIA, RELAXATION, MEDITATION, TRAVEL, TINNITUS, AND MORE. Insomniacs, people who share a bed with a snorer, tinnitus sufferers, shift workers, athletes, and many more have benefited from getting a better night’s sleep by using the original & most comfortable headphones for sleeping on the market.
  • ENGINEERED & DESIGNED FOR COMFORT. The high-quality, ultra-thin flat headphone speakers are comfortable enough to wear while lying down or sleeping on your side. They block out ambient noise without using earplugs that are painful & fall out. SleepPhones come with built-in volume and play/pause controls. The 48-inch braided cord easily connects to smartphones, iPods, MP3 players, computers, tablet, radios, CD players & noise machines.
  • NATURAL SLEEP AID CREATED BY A DOCTOR. A family physician pioneered SleepPhones to help patients fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer naturally & without drugs.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY. We stand by our product by offering a limited one year warranty on each SleepPhones purchase.
  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE, FABRIC & COLOR. SleepPhones come in sizes XS, M, XL. Size Medium, M, is the most common size that fits most people. SleepPhones are available in two types of fabric for optimum comfort: soft FLEECE fabric & lightweight, moisture-wicking BREEZE fabric. Both options feature our pre-shrunk, nonpilling SleepCloud fabric. Choose from a variety of attractive colors, too!

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