Sagely solves for the challenges of traditional pill boxes and is a must-have new product for the 70 percent of Americans take prescriptions everyday (including the nearly 32 million Americans who take more than five prescriptions daily)!

Here’s what makes it special:

  • There’s an app for that: A free app allows users to input details about each pill, quantity, does and time of day. A proprietary alarm sounds and notifications pop up when it's time to take medications - which is ideal for the 19 percent of Americans age 55 to 64 who forget to take their medications.
  • Travel friendly: Pop the individual days off the magnetized base for days on the go or on the road. No need to take the whole case or transfer pills to little bags.
  • Genius lid-hack: The Innovative PushThrough design allows you to simply push pills through the perforated lid into the container (eliminating the risk of dropping or misplacing pills).
  • See everything clearly: Clear containers let you see pills to make sure the dosage is accurate.
  • It’s large: Containers can fit multiple pills and vitamins.
  • Super easy to open: Flexible lids easily open even for those with manual dexterity issues.
  • A.M. vs. P.M.: Two-sided design allows for multiple dosages.

Learn more about Sagely.

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