Does your eldery parent need more stability while walking?

Users of crutches or standard walkers cannot pivot or change directions easily, while wheelchair users often form aaa physical and psychological dependency on the chair. To address this problem of limited mobility, more and more doctors and orthopedists are recommending a walking aid known as a rollator.

This 4-wheel walker provides safety for seniors and peace of mind for caregivers. With a Rollator walking aid, your senior mother or father can gain independence and walk more stably, reducing the chance of falls.

It has wheels, a seat, with safety break for when the senior sits, a basket for carrying items, and hand-controlled brakes. There are several different styles of Rollators that caregivers can choose from, including the 3-Wheel, 4Wheel, heavy duty and designer model.

No matter what age or disability these Rollators will aid your parent in walking no matter where they want to go.

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