Caring for someone’s daily hygiene needs doesn't have to be struggle.

Sage Products’ Comfort Personal Cleansing products provide an easy, comfortable way to keep those you care for clean and healthy. Many of our products can even be warmed in the microwave, adding a warm, soothing element to your daily hygiene routine.

Provide a stress-free full-body bath without the tub or shower

Bathing can be a real challenge for someone with limited mobility. Plus, traditional sponge baths using a basin are a proven way to spread germs. Sage Products Rinse-free Comfort Bath Cleaning Washcloths and Shampoo Cap make bathing a clean, comfortable experience. They leave your skin and hair feeling clean, healthy and refreshed all day.

  • Ultra-soft washcloth with aloe & vitamin E
  • Rinse-free, no cleanup and no mess!
  • Packages warm in the microwave for unmatched comfort

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