Incontinent? You deserve better!

REUSABLE = 500+ washes makes it cheaper than buying the $10-20 dollar plastic protectors you need to replace often!

STAYS IN PLACE WITHOUT FLAPS, STRAPS, OR VELCRO = No shifting or moving! No need to tuck or wrap around the mattress!

SOFT BREATHABLE COTTON TOP = Comfortable to sleep on with NO "plastic crinkle" sound or "cold vinyl" feel! BREATHABLE - No sweating, bed sores or rashes!

HASSLE FREE = No special wash instructions, regular wash and dry!

PVC, VINYL and LATEX FREE = TPU waterproof coating - GREEN solution for the environment!

You are not alone. Over 25 million people in North America are affected by incontinence. PeapodMats offers a dignified and manageable solution depending on your needs!

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