Designed by an Occupational therapist with nearly 30 years of experience. This is not cheap equipment that is non functional or actually unsafe to use. The Shock Aid kit helps people, dress, undress, and bath their lower body. It was made for those that have a difficult time bending at the waist. This could include, but is not limited to people with back injuries, hip fractures or replacements, pregnancy, arthritis, heart conditions, abdominal injuries, and obesity.

The Shock Aid has a unique design with a shoe horn on one end and an adaptive hook on the other. The Shock Aid is designed with a light weight anodized aluminum tube that is virtually break proof. Due to the sturdy design of the product, the individual can safely use this sock aid to remove compression socks without fear of breaking the device.

Included on the Shock Aid are two large foam handles to enable a comfortable and secure grasp. This helps people with weak or arthritic hands when using this sock helper. The Sock Aid hook part of the device is designed with a rubber coating to help prevent skin tears. This is an especially important feature for those with diabetes or peripheral neuropathies that have reduced sensation and are especially vulnerable to wounds.

The long handled shoe horn is made of sturdy stainless steel that is engineered for stability and ease of use. It is designed with a user friendly angle to improve performance. The Shock Aid is a product that is currently used in several rehabilitation hospitals and is frequently recommended to patients following back or hip surgery. Make life easier and safer with this therapist endorsed product.

To learn more, visit Dressing Aid Hip and back Kit by Shock Aid. Therapist endorsed.

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