Wireless Bed Alarm

This package includes a high grade Cordless Alarm and Bed Pad. The alarm can be kept with the caregiver, up to 100' from the bed pad. With no alarm in the room with the patient, they won't be confused or distressed by loud alarm noise. The caregiver will receive an alert, day or night, whenever their patient is trying to get out of bed.

Choose your bed pad size: 10" x 30" pad (for a patient weighing 120 lbs. or more) or a 20" x 30" pad (for a patient weighing less than 120 lbs, adds $10).

Alarm features volume control and an on/off button. Alarm emits a repeated chime tone. The bed pad is incontinence resistant and features a foam interior for comfort.

Place the bed pad across the middle back area so that when your patient sits up to get out of bed, the alarm will sound. (For lower-weight patients, you may want to move the pad down across the buttock/hip area, if the middle back area causes the system to be overly sensitive).

This cordless system also has the benefit of allowing you to add additional products to your system at any time. You can add call buttons (available under Related Products below), motion sensors, chair pads, and floor mats. All these items will alert at the same alarm. Up to six (6) of these items can be used with one alarm!

  • Alarm operates on three (3) C batteries (not included).
  • One Year manufacturer warranty.
  • Manufactured by Smart Caregiver.
  • Complete package starts at only $144.95, including free ground shipping!

For more information visit Cordless Bed Alarm System - No Alarm in Patient Room - Plus Kerr Medical Pad Cleansing Wipes.

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