Winner of Today's Caregiver Caregiver Friendly Award 2012

My Doctor Book A Personal Medical Records Organizer® is a full size, comprehensive medical records organizer for family caregivers, seniors, and families. It is also used for individuals and children with chronic disorder. My Doctor Book goes with you to your doctor appointments. Use it as an agenda and resource during your appointment. Do not get flustered trying to remember your medical history, medication names and dosages. You can have it written down ahead of time in My Admitting Information. Make the most of your time with your doctor by write your symptoms and questions ahead of time on My Doctor Visits pages. Keep full size copies of your diagnostic reports readily available for immediate treatment decisions in My Diagnostic Reports section.

My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer® has eight customizable sections with four accessories as well as front and back cover pockets. You can use the sections, as you need them. Place the accessories where they are convenient for you. My Doctor Book has a three year calendar, room for 48 doctor visits in My Doctor Visits, personal information, medical history and 300 diary notations in My Admitting Information, 300 notations in My Diagnostic Information, and 144 medications with diagnosis, prescribing doctor, date started and stopped, and results in My Medications. The other sections are My Business Cards for 20 medical professionals, My Medical Insurance Claims for reports from your insurance company, and My Documents for full size advance directives to be kept in a large Velcro-closing envelope. A zipper pocket is included for things you need to reach quickly such as a pen, checkbook or insurance cards.

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