Hands Free Task Light

With 6 LEDs in a row, provides an extra wide & bright light for caregivers and seniors needing task lighting for reading, writing, knitting, walking and other tasks. Worn around the neck, it shines a steady light from the chest that leaves hands free.

A true reading light, use it to read books, newspapers, instructions on loose papers, and even labels on medication bottles. Doesn't need to be clipped to a book or other object.

Leaves both hands free to assist a senior to walk in the dark. Wheelchair and walker users can wear it to light their path. Useful for power outages.

Standard alkaline batteries last 48 hours, longer than most other lights. Turns on and off by flipping reflector up and down. No fumbling for tiny buttons.

  • For hands-free personal light anywhere; extra bright light is easy on the eyes; doesn’t disturb others.
  • Extra wide light from 6 LEDs in a row easily covers 2 pages; great for crafts, quilting, knitting, etc.
  • BNR Orange Relaxation Filter softens and warms the cool LED light and blocks energizing blue light.
  • BNR Red Relaxation Filter blocks blue light, reduces ambient light, & helps maintains night vision.
  • Alkaline AA batteries (not incl) deliver longer battery life: 50 hrs using 6 LEDs, 100 hrs with 3 LEDs.

For more information, visit Beam n Read LED 6 Hands-Free Task Light; Extra Wide & Extra Bright Light from 6 LEDs Plus 2 Blue Light Blocking Relaxation Filters.

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