Beam N Read ® Extra Bold, Large Print Keyboard Stickers

Extra-bold, high contrast, large print keyboard stickers in 4 different color combinations to meet a variety of vision needs. 109 stickers on each sheet with stickers for both PCs and Macs.

The stickers have four specially selected, high contrast color combinations each on a separate sheet: Bold White letters on Black background, Bold Yellow letters on Black background, Bold Black letters on White background, and Bold Black letters on Yellow background.

In addition to seniors and those who need vision aids, they are great for very young children just starting to use a keyboard who will benefit from larger type on keys. They are used to extend the life of worn out keyboards in computer labs, libraries, schools, and other places with high use keyboards where the original letters are wearing off.

Also available from ASF are Beam N Read LED Hands Free Lights and High Visibility Playing Cards.

For more information, visit Beam n Read EXTRA BOLD, Large Print Keyboard Stickers, 4 High Contrast Color Combinations for PC & Mac

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