Slip-Resistant Bath Mat

This bath mat, made by Simple Deluxe, is perfect for baths in elder care facilities or elder homes. Made to be extremely easy to install, it only takes a fex moments to place it in the bottom of the tub and make sure the suction cups are settled.

This mat is also machine washable and anti-bacterial. That means that you wont have to deal with any gross spots on the mat from continued use.

It can be installed into any non-textured tub and is perfect for you, your parent or family member that has problems standing in the bath.

This product features:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • BPA-free, made of high-quality, allergen-free vinyl, machine washable
  • Suction cups grip onto tub or shower floor
  • Provides 30% more coverage than the average bath mat
  • Works on almost any non-textured tub surface

Find this product here:

Simple Deluxe Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Simple Deluxe Slip-Resistant Bath Mat Certificated, 39" L X 16" W, Extra Long, Clear

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