The Audio Fox is a complete solution if you have loss of hearing or if you prefer a different volume level than others around you. It is your own personal volume control!  The wireless speakers are attached to straps that gently grip the back of your chair or headboard and provide personal volume control while watching television or listening to music without the use of headphones or hearing aids.  A headphone jack is also available for those times when you need room silence.

The wireless speakers are tilted to deliver crystal clear sound directly to your ears, creating an envelope of sound. You do not need to wear headphones, so you can hear and participate in conversations in the room, hear the phone ring, respond to the doorbell or hear other sounds that you need to hear.

The volume control and the mute button are mounted on the speaker next to your head.

The sound travels from the TV to the speakers using a wireless transmitter which easily plugs into your TV. Everything you need is provided including the wireless transmitter and the necessary cables. The cables and transmitter can be hidden because it uses an FM signal and does not require line of sight between the transmitter and receiver.

Place the speakers over your favorite couch, armchair or over the head of your bed. Connect the speakers behind the chair and plug them in to a wall power outlet.

  • Hear the TV or music system without filling the room with sound.
  • Watch TV without wearing uncomfortable headphones.
  • Hear what is going on around you, unlike wireless TV headphones.
  • Allow others to keep the room volume where they want.
  • Easy to install. One simple connection, power it up, and it works.
  • Uses 2.4 GHz signal that can be picked up even through house walls.
  • Made, assembled and supported in the USA.
  • 30 day money back guarantee, one year manufacturer warranty.

For more information, visit Audio Fox Wireless TV Speakers - Assorted

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