Senior Patient Perspectives
Visual Changes in Dementia Patients
Alzheimer's and dementia affect more than just a person's thinking and memory.

Patient Perspectives

Caregivers, Take Care of Yourselves at All Costs
As a dementia patient, I see how much my wife handles on a daily basis. Caregivers like her are far from invincible, though, and it’s important for the entire family to recognize this and make respite time a regular occurrence.
Caregivers Are Only Human
Dementia-related behaviors can wear on even the most level-headed caregiver. Instead of feeling guilty after lashing out, be honest with yourself and do whatever it takes to ensure it won’t happen again.
Inform the Authorities of Your Loved One's Dementia
Alzheimer's and dementia often cause difficult behavioral changes that can easily become dangerous for both patients and their caregivers. Notifying the local police and EMS of your loved one's condition can help them better handle potential emergencies.
Why I Am Not Embarrassed by My Dementia
Dementia is often closely associated with embarrassment and humiliation. This could be shame or self-consciousness experienced by the patient or the people around them, but cultivating honesty and openness in this difficult situation can help immensely.
Sundown Syndrome Can Worsen in the Fall
Sundowning can happen year-round, but during autumn and winter, the effects can be magnified due to shorter, darker days. Be aware of the causes, signs and treatments for this complication of dementia.
Driving and Dementia
Driving is so important to our culture that parents and law enforcement revoke this privilege as a stinging form of punishment. Approaching an aging loved one about their ability to drive safely can be tough, but ignoring the issue is not an option.
Removing Embarrassment from the Dementia Equation
It is well known that some friends and family may make themselves scarce following a serious diagnosis. Dementia is unique, though, in that families and individuals vehemently try to deny its existence. Sadly, brushing symptoms and explanations under the rug only undermines relationships and causes added uncertainty for those friends and family who wish to remain involved, but are unsure of how to proceed.
Expect the Unexpected
A dementia diagnosis in itself often catches patients and their families off guard. Unfortunately, the surprises only continue as a loved one's condition progresses, and it can take a lot of strength to accept that their future cannot be defined.
A Longer Life
While Alzheimer's disease and dementia progress differently in each and every person, it is important for both the patient and their caregiver to remember that a diagnosis isn't an immediate death sentence.

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