Parents Remaining Independent -

Parents Remaining Independent

Seniors often desire to maintain their independence for as long as they possibly can. The burden often falls on caregivers to help their elderly loved ones remain independent. Learn how to help your elderly loved one retain their independence.

Articles About Parents Remaining Independent
  • Honor Your Elders' Need for Independence
    As caregivers, we must encourage activities and interests that contribute to our loved ones’ feelings of self-worth while also balancing their safety.
  • Should Your Loved One Continue Living at Home?
    When determining whether it is safe for your elderly loved one to remain living at home, caregivers cannot let rational decisions take a back seat to emotions. If you are trying to decide if your loved one needs to move to senior living, there are steps you can take to make an informed and necessary choice.
  • Senior-Friendly Home Additions for Aging in Place
    Your house is full of memories and the place where you feel most comfortable. To remain in your home as you age, consider these tips for creating a safe environment that will help you make this wish a reality.
  • What a Holiday Visit Can Reveal About Your Aging Parent's Health
    Holiday visits to an aging parent's house can reveal a lot about their health and well being. Discover what warning signs to look for.
  • How My 'Village' is Helping Me Age in Place
    In recent weeks, I've been following the spread of the "Village" concept around the country. These villages are non-profit membership organizations designed to help seniors stay in their own homes -- active, safe, and comfortable. What a great idea!
  • Questions and Answers About Independent Living
    When a family member is considering moving to indepent living, or retirement community, caregivers and family members have lots of question. Here are common questions that caregivers ask.
  • Equipment and Products for Aging in Place
    Your parents are living alone, but naturally, you're worried about their well-being. It's good to know that there are lots of products and services that you can use to help keep them safe and independent for as long as possible.
  • Signs That Tell You It's Time for Assisted Living
    How to tell if its time to move your elderly mother or father to assisted living and answer the question caregivers often ask: Is it time for assisted living?

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