Meet the Team

Who We Are

Behind the scenes, a talented team of experienced writers, designers and developers support the community. All of us are dedicated to helping caregivers face the challenge of providing care for a loved one. We are an enterprising, enthusiastic group dedicated to providing a warm, safe meeting place and a valued resource for both our visitors and members.


Joe Buckheit


As President, Joe guides all operational functions of His passion is to provide caregivers with a platform in which to connect and be empowered. Secretly referred to around the office as “Papa Bear,” Joe is always driving the team towards growth, as a company and as individuals.


Christina Hardy

Vice President

Christina works closely with our dedicated team to ensure that meets the highest standards of quality. She is the team’s key motivator and has been known to turn cartwheels in the office to mark major achievements within the company.


Ashley Huntsberry-Lett


Ashley is responsible for the planning and creation of’s award-winning content. When she’s not writing, she’s whipping up yummy treats for the office, making her everyone’s favorite co-worker.


Melissa Roman

Marketing Coordinator

Melissa makes certain that advertisers on receive the best possible results with their campaigns. She also holds the title of office prankster. She keeps the team on their toes.


Ashley Thielen

Community Moderator

Ashley is the critical liaison between and our vibrant caregiver community. At office gatherings you’ll find Ashley huddled over the cheese tray.


Maria Breston


Maria is's chief designer. This Greek goddess makes every attempt to interject southern grammar into daily conversation. She spends her day making look beautiful for all y’all.


Chris Bowker

Account Executive

Chris leads the Referral Program. He takes a hands-on approach with new home care agencies looking to join the program, ensuring a successful experience. Chris is our southern boy with swag.


Deb Munger

Account Executive

Deb provides customer support to home care agencies participating in the Referral Program, which matches families with local home care agencies. Deb brings a little piece of the Midwest to the South, dontcha know.


Lance Bonner

Senior Software Developer

Lance leads the software development team and writes the magical code that makes the site operational. He also enjoys throwing axes and other metal objects with precision.


Matt Coyne

Software Developer

Matt is one of the masterminds behind the technologies that our caregivers can’t imagine living without. In his spare time, he builds robots and flies drones.