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Elderly & Senior Mobility Problems

Elderly and senior mobility problems present daily challenges for elderly parents and their caregivers. Seniors and elderly people with mobility problems have trouble walking, getting out of bed, sitting and getting up from seated positions. Find information on elderly and senior mobility problems and options for assistance, here at AgingCare.com.

Articles About Mobility Problems
  • A Surprising Cause of Depression in Older Adults
    One of the most important factors in treating depression in older adults is their caregiver. Families have a rising concern when they see their aging loved one not wanting to participate in activities they once loved, or becoming isolated. A nurturing solution could be as simple as helping them re-engage with their community, family and social network. A silent cause is the fear of falling. They can become apprehensive with the possibilities that could threaten their freedom and independence.
  • The Quest to Find the Perfect Shoe for Arthritis
    Arthritis can complicate the simplest of tasks--even shoe shopping. Discover the truth behind common arthritis myths and learn what to look for when shopping for a comfortable shoe.
  • Encouraging a Senior with Limited Mobility to Get Outside
    Fresh air and a change in a senior’s surroundings can do more than help diminish boredom and complacency. People who spend a few minutes outside daily are less likely to have health problems and more likely to remain active.
  • Does adult day care accommodate elders with mobility problems?
    Some adult day care centers accept patients with mobility problems, such as hip replacements.
  • What to Expect After a Hip Replacement
    Here are some issues and problems that you should look out for after a hip replacement surgery has been performed. Learn how to be prepared for returning home, proper exercises and more.
  • How do I know if mom needs rehabilitation after a hip injury?
    Broken hips or hip injuries in the elderly can be very painful and problematic. Physical therapy for rehabilitation and recovery might be necessary.
  • Automatic Fall Detection: A New Way to Call for Help
    When an senior falls, they might not able to push their emergency response button. Automatic fall detection helps assure that seniors are safe in these circumstances.

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