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In-Home Care Overview: Love and Care LLC


Love and Care LLC offers quality homecare including homemakers, health aides and companions. We screen compassionate and capable caregivers who can play a critical role in delivery of exceptional home health care services for our clients.

We are licensed, Insured/Bonded

We are focused on providing the home health care services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we are sure you’ll be happy working with us.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We will maintain the highest level of respect and honesty with our clients, employees and the community.

Our mission is to ensure the best quality of life for our elderly clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable care.

Our services are designed to help with the daily tasks of living, or provide complete care while recovering from an illness or injury. You or your loved one’s safety, security and peace of mind are our main focus and concern.

Registration: HCA. 0001074

Care Services Offered by Love and Care LLC

  • Mobility Assistance
  • Respite Care
  • Toileting
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Dementia Care
  • End of Life Care
  • Parkinson’s Support
  • Hospital to Home Transitional Care
  • Diabetes Care
  • Assistance with Eating
  • Bathing/Dressing
  • Companionship
  • Housekeeping
  • Incontinence Care
  • Live-In Care
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication Reminders

Specialized Care Services Offered by Love and Care LLC

      Reviews for Love and Care LLC

      Rating: 5.0

      May 2024
      I am a current client
      Love and Care is a hands-on, attentive, and professional company. Its owner, Bruce, has been personally involved since the beginning. The gentleman we are using from LaC is excellent: kind, cooperative, competent, and able to adjust to a most unusual schedule. We give our highest accolades for a job well done.
      May 2024
      Anita, I am a current client
      I’m more than satisfied. My companion/Aide Kate that i have from love and care is a lovely young woman, and I like her very much. Mornings are a difficult time for me, and Kate has made just the act of getting out of bed and getting my legs going so much easier. I’m feeling so much more secure while I shower, knowing she’s nearby in the event I should slip and fall. She prepares a lovely breakfast and, when her tasks have been completed, she’s good company. She’s an intelligent young woman and is teaching me how to use my smartphone, In other words I am very pleased.
      April 2024
      Laurie, I am a past client
      My mother was a client of Love and Care from 2020 until her recent passing in March, 2024. The caregivers they provided were kind, caring, reliable, trustworthy and professional. After having a few part-time caregivers who alternated days, it was felt by both Bruce, who is one of the owners, and myself that due to her progressing dementia, my mother would benefit from the consistency of one 24/7 caregiver. Bruce was always accommodating, showing much concern and compassion, and worked with me in the interest of meeting my mother’s needs. He then provided us with Tina, who gave exceptional care to my mother in every way. Her patience, kindness, concern, interpersonal and nursing skills as well as her ability to engage and soothe my mother during occasionally challenging times gave me and my family comfort and assurance that she was always safe and very well-cared for. Tina took care of all of my mother’s needs and even prepared wholesome and delicious meals daily for her, which resulted in my mother’s health and appearance improving. I am very grateful to Love and Care and highly recommend this agency to anyone seeking excellent care for their loved ones.
      March 2024
      I am a current client
      Considering how difficult it is to find dedicated and reliable care for older people, I have been consistently impressed with Love and Care. My mom is so lucky to have the two women that work with her. Best agency we've dealt with!
      May 2023
      I am a current client
      We are a current client of Love & Care LLC. When we first started working with Bruce he ensured us that he would be vested in our needs and he has gone above and beyond to deliver on that promise. He has firsthand knowledge of how difficult it is when you have loved ones with special needs and has a strong desire to truly help. He brought Ekatrina to us at a time when we thought we would never find the help we needed. We had gone through other agencies who simply said they could not provide the level of care my invalid mother required. I moved my parents next door to me but I work full time and needed to return to the office a few days a week. This would not have been possible without the loving care of Ekatrina. She is patient and kind but also very well experienced in handling an invalid patient. My mother is not only wheelchair-bound, she is also blind and trust is very hard for her, not surprisingly. Ekatrina immediately gained my mother's trust. She also has an amazing work ethic which is very hard to find. She takes pride in her work and strives to do a perfect job. She is also never late and is actually always early and always very willing to stay later when our needs require. When she arrives she gives the sense that she is happy and excited to start the day. As you can imagine, this gives us great confidence in her and a sense of relief. I whole-heartedly recommended Bruce and his team of wonderful caregivers.
      March 2023
      Thomas, I am a current client
      They are taking great care of my dad! She is caring and professional. Thankful for the love and care of their hand-picked caregivers.
      November 2022
      - Reymond P., I am a current client
      When my 100 year old grandmother returned from the hospital with a fractured leg it was a time of great stress and uncertainty for our family. Unfortunately the first aide we had ignored and neglected her and it made things worse. Then we switched to Love and Care. An Aide arrived who was like a ray of sunshine. She transformed the situation, lifted my grandmothers spirits, took care of all her needs with love and attention to detail. We realized how important it is to have a good aide. It has made a huge difference in both the well being and rehabilitation of the patient as well as the peace of mind of the family knowing your loved one is well looked after. I would highly recommend Love and Care LLC to anyone who wants their family to have the best care.
      May 2022
      Peter, I am a past client
      I am extremely grateful for the top-quality care that my 93-year-old mother received from the aides, Baia and Khatuna, provided by Love and Care agency. Bruce made the setup process go very smoothly, and was easy to deal with and empathetic throughout. Baia and Khatuna were wonderful. They treated my mother with dignity, respect, and affection, gracefully handling my mother’s increasing dementia. Baia's medical training in the country of Georgia came in very handy as she would monitor Mom’s vital signs, oversee her nutrition and medication, give her oxygen, attend to her hygiene, and notify our care coordinator when medical attention was needed. We were particularly impressed when she watched over Mom during stays in several local hospitals and a rehab center during the last months of her life. In rehab especially, the level of care was spotty, partly due to understaffing because of Covid. Baia stayed in Mom’s room constantly, and strongly advocated for my mother with the staff to ensure a high level of care. Khatuna was originally supposed to take care of my mother only at nighttime, but she basically showed up whenever she was needed, including at night. I’m still not sure when she managed to get any sleep. Basically, they both would do whatever was necessary to keep things running smoothly and make sure that my mother was well taken care of. We live several hours away, so knowing that Baia and Khatuna were watching over Mom really helped our peace of mind.
      February 2022
      Mike, I am a past client
      I want to thank you and Love and Care for your support during this very difficult time for my wife and I. Ana, our caregiver was absolutely top notch. I had repeated comments from the Hospice staff about the quality of care Sally had received. Plus she is a wonderful person. It’s not exaggerating to say I don’t know how I would have coped without her. All the best to you and your staff.
      July 2021
      Jane, I am a current client
      I’m so thankful with the services. Katerina and Bruce has made the process easy. They always answer all of my questions, My 94 years old father is very well taken care of. Couldn’t be more happier. I highly recommend their services.
      October 2019
      Perry, I am a past client
      Love and Care LLC and their staff provide extraordinary kindness and care. Our mom’s primary live in caregiver was very professional in her care of my mom and even provided comfort to our family. The staff at Love and Care goes above and beyond what is expected. I would recommend this agency to anyone.
      July 2018
      kckrips, I am a past client
      I am a past client of Love and Care. They provided care for my uncle who was deathly afraid of being moved into a nursing home, he said it would kill him. Yet, we couldn’t leave him on his own. The carers that Love and Care provided were kind, caring, capable, and professional. Uncle Bob was genuinely happy with them and so were we! With the help of Love and Care we were able to respect Uncle Bob’s wishes.
      May 2018
      Eilenpa, I am a past client
      I could not have been able to take care of my husband by myself. Love And Care aides were so kind and caring, I will never forget them.
      January 2018
      Sidney, I am a current client
      Love and Care has been so very good to us and we appreciate it more than we can express! Our dad has been treated with dignity and respect by Laura, his live-in caregiver.
      September 2017
      I am a current client
      Love and Care provided a perfect caregiver, Natalia, who is really doing a great job. It is very much appreciated and I would like to take this moment to say what a pleasure it is working with them.
      September 2017
      Emily, I am a current client
      We have used Love And Care for two years and have always found them reliable and helpful. Contact with case manager is always efficient, very pleasant and she always does her very best to help in all ways possible.
      September 2017
      Emma, I am a current client
      We are very happy with the quality of staff at Love and Care. My mother has always been treated respectfully and in a friendly manner.
      September 2017
      charlotte, I am a past client
      Thank you Love and Care so much for kindness and wonderful care of my father! He was fond of you all, and we really appreciated everything you all did for us.
      September 2017
      Campbell, I am a current client
      Love and care has so far been the best in what I want for my parents. They have been in charge of the care package for several months now and constantly try to monitor and take control of any issues that arise. Thank goodness we have people who care and want to help the elderly, it certainly makes my life easier.
      September 2017
      lucas, I am a past client
      I would like to thank all Love and Care staff who cared for my wife who was on hospice. You helped her through her last few months and we appreciated how you treated her with gentleness and respect. Thank you all for helping me keeping her at home and comfortable.
      September 2017
      Mike C., I am a current client
      Finding good care for my parents was very difficult to find. We cancelled our previous company and after several meetings with various agencies, decided to employ Love and Care. To keep things as simple as possible, both my parents have dementia so it makes caring even more difficult. The live-in caregiver that we hired through Love and Care is perfect and we are so happy now that my parents are well taking care of.
      September 2017
      Erica, I am a current client
      My dad was reluctant at first to have help, however since we found Love and Care, his life has been changed beyond measure. The caregivers started to go to his house and help him with his needs, and we could not be more happy with their service.
      September 2017
      Mrs. Anderson, I am a current client
      I would like to express my thanks to Love and Care and their very helpful, informative, and caring staff. I am very pleased with their services, especially when I am at such a distance from my parents. I would highly recommend Love and Care!
      August 2017
      Mark, I am a current client
      Having a caregiver visit dad and spend time with him for 4 hours a day made all the difference to his life! Thanks Love and Care.
      August 2017
      Brady, I am a past client
      Thank you for being my ‘eyes and ears’ for the past year and a half, and for all the help, attention and love for mum that all of you at Love and Care showed.
      August 2017
      Brian, I am a past client
      Many thanks to Love And Care and its team for all the help and the confidence they gave me when I came out of hospital. They made me feel human, with feelings. David (Dato) who was coming to see and help me every day for few weeks was wonderful. I will always remember what they did for me!
      August 2017
      Jackie, I am a past client
      My mother received the most tremendous care from the caregivers with Love and Care. Linda and Nana were always so caring and jolly. I am grateful to them.
      August 2017
      Lori, I am a current client
      We found Love and Care through our friend who has been using them for 2 years. We were not certain where to start and what exactly mom needed. The case manager came over at mom's house and gave us guidance. She was very kind, caring, easy to work with. Our caregiver is the most professional and sweet lady that we ever had for mom!
      August 2017
      JaneAllen, I am a current client
      We have used Love and Care for 4 months for my mom, they are wonderful! Tina, our caregiver, was an angel! Her knowledge of dealing with my mom who was a dementia patient was quite deep. Providing care and handling grooming, bathing and feeding duties with more love and compassion than a normal human being is Tina's specialty. Thanks Love And Care!
      July 2017
      L.K, I am a current client
      The wonderful caregiver Liana at Love and Care has been taking care of our father since May 2016. We made the right choice!

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