Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek, CA

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Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek, CA
1575 Treat Blvd #212
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

In-Home Care Overview: Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek, CA

Through our unique system of in-home care that we call Interactive Caregiving™, our Comfort Keepers® engage clients in their care to enhance their independence and well-being. Interactive Caregiving™ includes four interrelated aspects: engagement of the mind, an active body, proper nutrition and safety.

The home care services provided by Comfort Keepers® are designed to help seniors and others maintain optimal levels of independence in the comfort of their own homes. In addition to providing assistance with household tasks, such as light housekeeping and meal preparation, and personal care tasks, such as bathing and grooming, Comfort Keepers offer their clients a wide range of companionship services, including conversation, walks, errands, (including transportation), as well as assistance with hobbies and other interests. By providing the right mix of in-home senior care services for your loved one, Comfort Keepers can help to maintain independence while enhancing quality of life.

Care Services Offered by Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek, CA

  • Medication Reminders
  • Monitoring Mobility
  • Toileting
  • Transferring
  • Alzheimer's/Dementia Care
  • Help with eating
  • Bathing/Dressing
  • Companionship
  • Errands/Shopping
  • Housekeeping
  • Incontinence Care
  • Meal Preparation

Reviews for Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek, CA

Rating: 5.0

January 2019
Sam, I am a current client
I have been using Comfort Keepers Pleasant Hill for the past year. They are great people. The staff are kind and respectful and the Keepers themselves (especially Angela, Jess, and Kara) have been terrific letting me know when there have been problems or could have been problems. Their cooking is excellent and they are perfect drivers. The couple of times I've had administrative questions they were, to our satisfaction, dealt with in less than a half hour.
September 2017
Christine, I am a past client
The staff from Comfort Keepers lovingly provided excellent care to our mother throughout her final months at home. They were very kind, compassionate and understanding with the family during this difficult time. Staff went above and beyond in their care of our mother and with the family. Words can't express how wonderful the whole team was with us throughout her illness.
April 2017
Jennifer, I am a current client
I can't say enough about Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek. Their entire staff are kind, compassionate and professional. When making decisions that impact the daily care of your loved ones, make sure to get quality service you can trust. We refer our patients and families to Comfort Keepers because of the proven quality, compassion and dignity they provide in their services. I know when I call I can count on a timely response to our needs, which is crucial. I am so thankful for the service they provide.
April 2017
Ilse, I am an employee
Comfort Keepers is an outstanding company. The management is top notch and they only hire the most qualified caregivers. A thorough hiring process, orientation, on-going training, and respect for their employees allows Comfort Keepers to provide caregivers who are kind, who listen, who are skill and compassionate. I would not hesitate to call Comfort Keepers if any of my family members required in-home care.
April 2017
Kevin, I am a current client
Comfort Keepers is a fantastic organization with unbelievable leadership and such a great and talented group of employees. If you are entering that phase in life when you are looking for an organization to assist with your loved ones, there isn't a better company than Comfort Keepers to serve you.
April 2017
Angela, I am a current client
Comfort Keepers provides excellent and friendly service, with fantastic management.
March 2017
Maddie, I am a current client
If you are looking for a company to provide care to your loved one in the comfort of their own home, Comfort Keepers is the company to call! The management is unbelievably friendly and talented, and they genuinely care about their clients and caregivers. The staff does an amazing job coordinating with families and caregivers to provide the best care plan for their clients. They only hire the best caregivers which all undergo background checks and screening to make sure your loved one gets the most outstanding care. IF you are looking for a home care company, don't look any further!
March 2017
David, I am a current client
Comfort Keepers is an excellent company that really cares about their employees.
March 2017
Michael, I am a past client
Comfort Keepers is very a responsive and caring company with very compassionate care, and an extremely helpful management team. If you're looking into care for family or a friend, I'd highly recommend reaching out to them.
March 2017
Lina, I am a past client
Comfort Keepers impressed me with how quick they were with a response to getting assistance for a loved one and how sensitive they were to my needs. It is extremely important to Comfort Keepers that the person they send to your home is compatible with the person needing the care. They follow up and are very compassionate which I really appreciated at such a difficult time. They accommodated all of our needs even when we needed someone to stay over night at the last minute.
March 2017
Cindy, I am a current client
Comfort Keepers has excellent staff and exceptional service!
March 2017
Brenda, I am a current client
Everyone at Comfort Keepers is professional and helpful. I am so grateful for all that they do for families in the community.
March 2017
Meti, I am a current client
I can't imagine leaving my loved one with any caregivers other than those at Comfort Keepers. The entire culture of this organization shows such integrity and empathy for the geriatric population, not only in the caregivers, but all the management practices from intake to provision of services. In a world that values fast pace and technology, it is so refreshing to find an organization that values taking time to get to know the person, really listening to their needs and wants. I can't recommend this agency any more highly. Choosing Comfort Keepers, you can rest assured that your loved on is in the best care possible.
February 2017
Louise, I am a past client
Comfort Keepers was great helping me with my 103-year-old mom until she moved to assisted care. Even though my mom didn't like the idea of a helper, they found a caregiver and schedule that worked for us and we were both grateful for the extra help and support!
February 2017
Zacarias, I am a past client
Comfort Keepers had amazing service and seemed to really care about us. I would definitely recommend using their services.
February 2017
Judith, I am a past client
I have known the owners of Comfort Keepers for a while and it is my confidence in them and how they approach their business that has led me to recommend their agency to friends when a need arose. Every single time the feedback I got was "Wow! I didn't know a caregiver could be so warm and caring." But that's because they would never hire a caregiver that they would not have sent in to their own grandmother. Recently they enhanced their business with a technology that allows the caregivers to post messages online about what was going on with their loved one. Families love it, caregivers love being able to communicate and be heard. The owners are able to oversee the relationships in a way that is leading the industry. If you are looking for exceptional care, Comfort Keepers is the place to call.
February 2017
Matt, I am a past client
I used Comfort Keepers for my step-father for years and we received amazing service. The staff is very capable and were very personable. They responded quickly with anything that came up and were very open to feedback. I felt very secure and my step-father loved talking to all of the caregivers.
February 2017
Susan, I am a past client
Comfort Keepers provided wonderful companionship to my father during a week spent in a skilled nursing facility and then helped him successfully transition back to assisted living. Their calm, steady and encouraging presence helped Dad during a difficult time and I felt an enormous sense of relief every time I walked in his room and found him smiling. Dad really needed the one-on-one support he got from the Comfort Keepers team. They knew when to engage Dad in conversation and when to simply be there for him. I was able to check staffing assignments through the Comfort Keepers website and read the notes posted after each shift. I was notified when there were schedule or staffing changes and received prompt responses to my questions. I recommend Comfort Keepers because of the warmth and effectiveness of their support and because they are organized and reliable.
January 2017
Joline, I am a past client
Comfort Keepers has been such a blessing. They were beyond amazing. I could tell they genuinely cared about my dad. They were really here for us in our time of need and they made it as easy as these situations can get. I am beyond thankful for Comfort Keepers.
January 2017
Laurel, I am a past client
Comfort Keepers is a great company. They were very helpful, caring and accommodating to our family in understanding dementia.
January 2017
Alyson, I am a current client
Comfort Keepers is sending sitters to be with my dad to monitor his actions and keep him safe. He suffered a stroke which caused him to "sundown". He was pulling out his IVs and other life saving devices. The Comfort Keepers sitters use gentle redirection, sometimes physically helping him to be more comfortable. They chat with him keeping him engaged. They call nurses when warranted. I have so far found all the sitters to be caring, kind, skilled and trustworthy. I am truly fortunate that my dad is the beneficiary of this life saving program. It is so very important to my family. I can't bear to think of how we would manage without this care.
January 2017
Flor, I am a current client
Jennifer and Jessica from Comfort Keepers are awesome! They are truly dedicated to providing amazing care and being 100% transparent about each and every visit. Their staff takes the time to leave personal messages online after visits, so that you can keep up to date and know about all of the little things that happen during the day to day. Not only that, but they are constantly looking for new ways to make you feel comfortable and assured that your loved ones are in good hands. They really put you first and make sure that all of your needs are met!
January 2017
James, I am a current client
Comfort Keepers is top notch! They manage to keep their service compassionate and personable, while simultaneously remaining completely professional. Their management is clearly organized and cares above all about the families and community they serve. The Comfort Keepers staff is the public face and hands of the organization and they are beautiful. I can't imagine using anyone else for our home care needs.
December 2016
I am a past client
I am very thankful for Comfort Keepers and their staff. I am recovering from my first operation ever. My husband called Comfort Keepers when we got home. Unbelievably, someone was on it and came out right away, and we were scheduled for staff to come and aid in bathing, dressing, and miscellaneous chores. I can’t thank them all enough for being there for us not only on short notice but with competent and caring help.
December 2016
Julie, I am a past client
We are appreciative for the help that Comfort Keepers provided for my mom at a very difficult time. The staff was professional, knowledgeable, sensitive, and flexible. The caregivers worked very well with my mom. We are thankful for their services.
December 2016
I am a past client
I am recovering from my first operation ever. My husband called Comfort Keepers when we got home and they were unbelievably on it. They came out right away and we were scheduled for staff to come out and assist with bathing, dressing and other chores. I'm thankful that Comfort Keepers was there for us on short notice and also provided competent and caring help.
December 2016
Steph, I am a past client
We are extremely pleased by Comfort Keepers and the caregiver they provided us, Elizabeth. She was the most professional and caring person we have experienced since contracting with their services. In the time she's been with us, my father has come to consider her part of his family, as have we.
November 2016
Mike, I am a current client
Comfort Keepers helped us during the past very trying weeks. When it was clear to me that caring for my wife as I would like to was beyond my physical capabilities, I contacted them and asked for support. The help I got was critical for my wife and my well-being and the staff excelled every step of the way.
August 2016
Ruth, I am a past client
Comfort Keepers provided terrific in-home help for my aunt whole she was recovering from a short hospital stay. They are first class all the way, with a very well trained staff and courteous professional in-home providers. It was a please to have their in home help and I hope other will take advantage of the affordable and wonderful in-home services Comfort Keepers offers.
July 2016
Lois, I am a past client
Johnnie, from Comfort Keepers was with me the night of my husband’s death. She helped me through it and help me up. She was wonderful.
June 2016
Penny, I am a current client
The Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek staff is very accommodating. From the very beginning of my experience with them I could feel what a professional yet caring organization they were. The staff has a desire to meet our needs and match our schedule, even if we sometimes change our requirements because of events not anticipated.
June 2016
I am a current client
I am very appreciative of the help that Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek provided in the care of my mom. Their staff was professional, knowledgeable, sensitive, and flexible. The caregivers worked very well with my mom.
May 2016
Carolyn, I am a past client
I have been using Comfort Keepers ever since I read a recommendation for their company and I have been delighted with their services. Their sensitive responses to our particular needs, the competency, and conscientiousness of the aides could not be better. Their presence makes it possible for me to get enough sleep to significantly improve my health. The relief and peace of mind they bring to our situation has made a tremendous improvement in our difficult situation. My husband can now stay at home and I can be with him.
April 2016
Janet, I am a past client
I had a hip replacement and used Comfort Keepers services for in-home care for a week. I was very happy with the care and attention that was given to me. The caregiver arrived on time and took very good care of me. I would certainly use Comfort Keepers again and would recommend them to my friends and family.
March 2016
Robert, I am a past client
We have received outstanding service from Comfort Keepers. The caregivers have been wonderful, exceeding our most desired expectations. Their interest and meticulous attention to our needs are very much appreciated. I also want to mention how much the efforts of Raquel to find just the perfect match of the caregivers with our perceived needs and personalities meant to us. Frankly, I do not know how she so skillfully manages to comply with the demands we place on her. She is an outstanding individual.
March 2016
Bill, I am a current client
We have used Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek for over a month for some of the care of my wife. From our first contact with Comfort Keepers, I was impressed. The client care coordinator set up a meeting with our loved one at the skilled nursing facility. This was a great help in our decision to the amount of care they wanted and needed. The care givers that have been with her have been excellent. Tell them what you want done and forget it. Our loved one looks forward to the days her caregiver is with her. The fact that Comfort Keepers follows up with calls on occasion to see if things are going well is appreciated. My wife and I are very happy with the care she is receiving. We would recommend their services to anyone in need.
February 2016
Anne R., I am a past client
Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek was very quick to respond when I first reached out to them. They came out right away and immediately scheduled for staff to come and aid me in bathing, dressing, and miscellaneous chores. I would recommend Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek for their caring, competent, and helpful services.
January 2016
Patricia, I am a current client
Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek have provided excellent care to me. I have in the past had them visit 3 times a week, and recently cut down their hours since I feel much better since I left the hospital. The caregiver they provide me is prompt and courteous, and settles into her chores efficiently. She has a very sweet personality, kind and loving (like a friend). I appreciate Comfort Keepers for setting up this service. I would certainly recommend them to my friends.
December 2015
Martha, I am a past client
Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek was very thoughtful and genuine in the care they provided me. Their company is efficient and came through for me as caring individuals. All of our caregivers were lovely people who I did not hesitate to welcome into my home. My caregivers was bubbly, a hard worker, and a good cook. She looked for work to do and did not wait until I instructed her to do something.
August 2015
Marylou, I am a current client
We have been very impressed with the way Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek's staff have been flexible and have worked with us to find the right match of caregivers for Mom and Dad. We are very pleased with the “team” they have found for us. The women are all very caring, dependable, and responsible. They cook all the meals and do the grocery shopping. They do light housekeeping, laundry and change the bedding. They drive Mom to her respite group twice a week. They all have been very gentle, patient, and loving with my Mom who is less and less able to care for herself. Although she has limited understanding at this point they treat her with dignity and keep her engaged. Equally important is the company they are able to give my father who is basically housebound. Hearing the women taking good care of my mom eases his worries for the love of his life, married 62 years today! All in all we are very pleased with Comfort Keepers and I would recommended them to others.
May 2015
Janis, I am a past client
The staff at Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek did a wonderful job caring for my parents. Their caregivers were knowledgeable and willing to carry out different tasks daily that were required by my mom's changing health needs. We greatly appreciated the patience and genuine caring demonstrated by Comfort Keepers and would highly recommend their services.
April 2015
Kara, I am a current client
Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek is an excellent company. The staff is genuinely interested in the welfare of their clients and provides companionship as well as assistance with the activities of daily living. I have found the administrative staff to be responsive to questions and concerns and the owners of the company to be a pleasure to work with. The cost of their service is reasonable when compared to other companies and individuals that provide similar services. In addition, Comfort Keepers is licensed and bonded, unlike some other companies and individuals that offer similar services. I hired them to help care for my mother after we moved her to California. It soon became clear that although she is still capable to live on her own, her quality of life could be improved with some assistance. They also improved my life by letting me know that there is someone trustworthy checking in on Mom and keeping her socially engaged.
February 2015
Tom, I am a past client
Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek provided high level and high quality of care to my wife during her recent period of illness. Being unfamiliar with in-home care providers, I spoke to a number of representatives before selecting Comfort Keepers. I was most favorably impressed with the thorough presentation which covered all of the questions I felt I needed answers to before making my decision. The caregiver they provided for my wife was excellent. She immediately established a rapport that had my wide looking forward to the days she was in our home. She provided the sensitive care usually received from family members. The caregiver handled many responsibilities which included bathing, dressing, feeding and physical assistance to move around the home, it gave me the confidence and peace of mind to leave to complete necessary errands. I pleased to recommend Comfort Keepers of Walnut Creek to anyone contemplating in-home care for a family member.
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