Comfort Keepers of Plymouth, NH

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Comfort Keepers of Plymouth, NH
12 Yeaton Rd
Plymouth, NH 03264

In-Home Care Overview: Comfort Keepers of Plymouth, NH

Through our unique system of in-home care that we call Interactive Caregiving™, our Comfort Keepers® engage clients in their care to enhance their independence and well-being. Interactive Caregiving™ includes four interrelated aspects: engagement of the mind, an active body, proper nutrition and safety.

The home care services provided by Comfort Keepers® are designed to help seniors and others maintain optimal levels of independence in the comfort of their own homes. In addition to providing assistance with household tasks, such as light housekeeping and meal preparation, and personal care tasks, such as bathing and grooming, Comfort Keepers offer their clients a wide range of companionship services, including conversation, walks, errands, (including transportation), as well as assistance with hobbies and other interests. By providing the right mix of in-home senior care services for your loved one, Comfort Keepers can help to maintain independence while enhancing quality of life.

Care Services Offered by Comfort Keepers of Plymouth, NH

  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication Reminders
  • Monitoring Mobility
  • Physical Therapy
  • Respite Care
  • Skilled Nursing Services
  • Toileting
  • Transferring
  • Alzheimer's/Dementia Care
  • Bathing/Dressing
  • Companionship
  • Errands/Shopping
  • Help with eating
  • Housekeeping
  • Incontinence Care

Reviews for Comfort Keepers of Plymouth, NH

Rating: 4.7

November 2018
Kerry, Other
Comfort Keepers were knowledgeable, warm, respectful, consistently on time and capable. We are thankful for their good communication, positivity and faithfulness to their mission. Each caregiver left a bit of their heart with Mum. Thank you!
August 2018
NZ, I am a current client
Our experience with your company was 5 star. All of the caregivers were kind, understanding, and thoughtful. We did not have to tell them what to do; they all had been properly trained and were all very interesting. I give Comfort Keepers my highest rating.
August 2018
I am a current client
Michelle from Comfort Keepers of Plymouth is a very good worker. We are very satisfied with her. Thank you for sending Michelle to us, we are very pleased with her.
July 2018
Richard, I am a current client
I find Comfort Keepers of Plymouth to be very professional yet personal, completely trustworthy and dependable.
July 2018
Kelly B, I am a past client
Comfort Keepers is awesome. They took very good care of my mother. They were very accommodating and friendly. I live two hours away from my mom and I never had to worry about her. I would recommend Comfort Keepers to anyone that needs help caring for an elderly parent.
June 2018
Susan, I am a current client
The team at Comfort Keepers of Plymouth, NH, are skilled and compassionate. My 92+ mother recently had a colostomy and I was very challenged finding care for her needs. Comfort Keepers not only could fill our needs but the entire process, from intake to service to billing was efficient and seamless. Comfort Keepers always arrived and left on time, performed all needs as requested and always asked if there was anything else they could do! Our schedule was filled with four different caregivers...the only difference was there was no difference...they were all wonderful and made it possible for my mother and I to enjoy quality time.
May 2018
I am a current client
All Comfort Keepers personnel were attentive and caring--from office personnel to caregivers! My 93-year-old mother is now in an assisted living facility--otherwise, I would still be using Comfort Keepers.
May 2018
Robert, I am a current client
Although my experiences with Comfort Keepers of Plymouth, NH have been limited to three, each one has been very favorable. Two were where I needed a driver to get me to the hospital and back home safely and on time. Each time the driver and vehicle have been there waiting for me, helping me when I needed it, and seeing me safely back in my home before leaving. I couldn't be more thankful and satisfied with this service. The other experience was when I needed help with shopping, not being able to get out to do it myself. The lady who did this for me listened to my needs and took care to purchase exactly what I asked for. She was careful with the selecting of fresh fruits and vegetables. All labeled products were as carefully chosen. An excellent experience for sure. And I need to add that these services were reasonably priced. From the time I telephoned the office asking for this assistance to the time the service was completed, I was very satisfied. I have Comfort Keepers phone number readily handy for ay and all future needs of this sort.
January 2018
David, I am a current client
I was truly impressed by the professional and friendly caregivers that came from Comfort Keepers. I only wish that they contracted with the VA, because I would use Comfort Keepers for my allotted hours. Mikaela is a true asset there. Her attitude and work ethics are remarkable!
November 2017
I am a current client
Great people. Well trained. Excellent personal care. Only 4 stars because client has dementia and the providers may vary from day-to-day; some confusion possible. Otherwise, very satisfied.
September 2017
Kristen, I am a current client
You know this is a horrible company when the OWNER tells you that if you want guaranteed care, you should put your loved on in a home. In a moment where Martha, the most unprofessional owner ever encountered, is under some stress at being called out for that comment, she chose to tell us that she was calling adult protective services on us for leaving our bedridden loved one home alone for an hour to take the kids to soccer practice. If we were home 24/7, we would not need Comfort Keepers to come help care for our loved one. Hospice knows our situation and is in this home 5 days per week. Adult Protective Services has already told us she is getting better care than any home they have been in. The local police department is aware that our loved one is in the home for an hour here or there alone. None of those agencies take issue with it. But Martha, hypocritical Martha, does. She has other immobile clients who require many hours of care per day. She has no problem leaving those clients without caregivers when people call out. Those poor clients sit for 24 hours + in their own excrement starving because Martha cannot be bothered to send anyone.
Response From Comfort Keepers of Plymouth, NH
Comfort Keepers prides itself on providing exceptional care for seniors and as part of the Peace-of-Mind we offer to our clients and their families is a commitment and dedication to do the right thing. Unfortunately, sometimes doing the right thing is not always compatible with situations facing our clients and their families. My staff and I do our very best to accommodate all of our client’s needs and expectations and honestly there are times where we are not the right fit for everyone. Comfort Keepers strives to uphold high standards day-in and day-out.
August 2017
Don, I am a current client
As a caregiver for my wife, I have been totally satisfied with the services and staff at Comfort Keepers of Plymouth. Their assistance with housework and care for my wife has allowed me a little "time for myself". I do recommend them highly.
August 2017
Ruth, I am a past client
My mother was visiting for two weeks so we hired Comfort Keepers. We had four caregivers. They all did a great job giving her a bath and getting her ready for the day. Mom loves to tell stories and the caregivers seemed to really enjoy and take part in the conversation. Two of the caregivers also took mom to bookstores, which she loves to do. The care given to my Mom made it easier for me as this was the first time I had Mom stay with me for many years. I would definitely recommend Comfort Keepers for care.
August 2017
I am a current client
I have found Comfort Keepers to be very knowledgeable and reliable in the provision of care to my 92 year old mother-in-law. The caregivers have provided great care and made excellent suggestions that have improved her life considerably and made things easier for her daughter and me. We highly recommend them.
July 2017
I am a current client
Setting up services was done with ease. Mandy at Comfort Keepers took the time to really understand our needs and made us feel that we were not alone in this process. The caregivers have been excellent. Everyone we've dealt with in the company has been professional and caring. We would highly recommend Comfort Keepers for help with aging loved ones.
June 2017
Colleen, I am a past client
I am so grateful to have hired Comfort Keepers. They were able to assist us with caring for my 90 year old father. He had many medical appointments that we could not have managed without them. Everyone was kind and compassionate, and my Dad really enjoyed their company.
June 2017
I am a current client
Mandy and everyone at Comfort Keepers are providing wonderful support and assistance in caring for my parents. They not only provide quality care, but have offered me stellar customer service in all interactions with their office staff. They have even assisted me in finding grant money to help us cover the care Mom needs. Definitely "above and beyond the call of duty"!
June 2017
Robert, I am a current client
I would have rated Comfort Keepers service provider five stars, but I have been with them only a short time and I have not used but two of their services: the pick up at the hospital upon discharge after surgery followed by getting me safely and well-installed in my home which was definitely the main reason for contacting them in the first place. The second service was when I needed help at home with shopping and running other errands during my early recuperation period. In both of these services I was very satisfied with the services performed, the efficiency, the consideration given in meeting my needs, and the care given at all times during these visits. I have not yet felt the need to use their other services such as light housekeeping, meal preparations, etc., thus I feel that I should try some of these services prior to rewarding a five-star rating at this early time in experiencing my relationship with this service provider. I do not hesitate a minute however to continue calling on them whenever that need arises. I feel confident at this juncture that I would receive the best of care no matter what service I need. They will be hearing from me and I look forward to equally excellent experiences in the future.
May 2017
I am a past client
We worked with Comfort Keepers for a week, due to my father passing on, but we were very impressed with the caretakers compassion for their job. My father didn't need too much at the end, but they were willing to sit with him and adhere to his needs in a respectful and caring manner. Feedback from friends who visited were always positive, which made us feel a big sense of relief that he was in good hands when we couldn't be at his side. Special thanks to Angela who was there when he died and stayed to help us ease into the transition of what to do when someone dies.
May 2017
I found the staff at Comfort Keepers to be very professional, caring, compassionate, tentative to my family's needs, friendly, and on time.
April 2017
Dan, I interviewed this provider
The caregivers from Comfort Keepers were very professional and sympathetic to Peter's condition. They the care they provided went beyond my expectations.
April 2017
I am a current client
We have recently contracted with Comfort Keepers and are very pleased with the services so far. While my wife does not require a complete array of services as she is at the beginning stages of Alzheimer's, we are very pleased with the help and companionship of the caregiver. The caregiver has been responsive to my wife's needs and we plan to contract with Comfort Keepers further for the future. We are new to Comfort Keepers, but we certainly would recommend this organization to others based on our positive experiences.
April 2017
I am a current client
We are looking forward to having Jim, the caregiver from Comfort Keepers, come again so my husband and I can have time away together. Realizing that my 91-year-old father-in-law was no longer safe to be by himself at home was a difficult transition for all of us make. Since we were planning to leave another family member to care for him while we were taking a planned vacation, it gave us great peace of mind to know that the caregiver was able to safely help my father-in-law to do errands and attend church several times. The caregiver that came was well chosen, being a man of similar background and interests to my father-in-law, so they had lots to talk about.
April 2017
Jacqueline, I am a current client
My mother had only been accepting of her children helping her in the past, but now that Comfort Keepers has come a few times, she really likes it. Having Comfort Keepers makes life easier for me because I don't have to do all of my mother's cleaning and other household chores.
March 2017
The staff at Comfort Keepers of Plymouth are pleasant and responsive. I absolutely would recommend this agency to my friends and family.
February 2017
I am a past client
The two young woman we had from Comfort Keepers were very professional. They both arrived on time, took excellent care of my wife and then asked to do more. They both cleaned the house and bathroom. The service is excellent. We will definitely use them again if it is needed.
February 2017
Molly, I am a current client
The owner of Comfort Keepers is very responsive to the needs of the families. She came to meet the client within a few days of the inquiry regarding services, and she has been available for support around a range of life changes including introducing depends, moving bedroom location, and planning for end-of-life care. The schedulers are always friendly and accommodating. Most of all the care providers have been very good. They are warm, friendly, observant, and caring. They consistently treat my father with respect, and they are non-judgmental. They work hard to engage the individual with dementia in activities that match his interests and abilities. They have been able to shift focus as my father's needs have changed. The hourly rate is a fair one. for the consumer.
January 2017
Jan, I am a past client
We enlisted the services of Comfort Keepers of Plymouth in order to bring my 95-year-old father home from the rehab and nursing facility he had been staying in after a fall. We were very impressed with the owner and staff of the company. The owner went above and beyond in working with us to get set up to bring Dad home and the caregivers were wonderful with him. They took very good care of him, which was not always easy as he sometimes resisted care and he assured us that they were all very nice and he liked all of them. We are very grateful to Comfort Keepers for giving Dad the opportunity to get back to his home. Even though it was only for a short time it was very beneficial to him to be there again and also to help him understand why it would be best for him to return to the nursing home. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for compassionate and reliable care for an elderly person.
January 2017
Deb, I am a current client
The care that Comfort Keepers has provided to my mom has been great. I would like to see them automate charge fees, but overall it is a wonderful organization to deal with.
January 2017
Hank , Other
Comfort Keepers of New Hampshire does an outstanding job serving the home care needs of seniors. Martha Swats is remarkably responsive and works to immediately assess and set up the essential services her clients require. Her staff deliver consistent and professional services with care and compassion.
January 2017
Shayne, Other
Maria from Comfort Keepers is hands down, one of the best people to work for in the industry. She says what she means and means what she says. She always makes time to meet the needs of the clients and is very helpful to the staff with the discharge process. I highly recommend this agency and have been blessed to work with such an amazing woman!
January 2017
Deborah, Other
The ladies with Comfort Keepers have been a blessing. The company is wonderful and they have amazing employees who are vetted and bonded as well as professional and reliable.
January 2017
Comfort Keepers is an awesome company to have take care of your loved one. They really know how to care for the elderly and they are always so friendly.
January 2017
Lisa, I am an employee
I worked full time with Comfort Keepers for a little over a year. The clients really enjoy the company and the companionship. They appreciate all the hard work that the caregivers do to keep them in their homes.
September 2016
Kassandra, I am a past client
We hired Comfort Keepers of Plymouth. Their services was great. They were respectful to our needs and were always on time.
May 2016
Dave, I am a current client
As Mom has aged, her wish has been to stay in her home and my goal has been to help her fulfill her wish. When her situation eventually required more help than I could provide alone I was very, very lucky to find Comfort Keepers of Plymouth. Their insights, advice and professional assistance has continued to make Mom’s wish possible. Caregiving can be difficult and frustrating work but their support goes way beyond the required tasks of caregiving. Their added personal kindness and patience is also always present. They really do care about Mom and they have become our valued friends as well as her caregivers.
February 2016
Paula, I am a past client
If it wasn’t for Comfort Keepers of Plymouth and the peace of mind they gave me, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get away.
May 2015
Comfort Keepers of Plymouth is an amazing company. If you have a loved one that is in need of companionship or home care then this is the place to go through. Very friendly office staff and outstanding caring caretakers.
April 2015
Olga, I am a past client
So far Comfort Keepers of Plymouth has been great and very thoughtful and detail oriented. I just hired them to help while my Mom goes home for the next month.
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