Assisted Living in Colorado

The Assisted Living Directory features consumer reviews, photos and descriptions of services offered by each facility in Colorado in order to help you find the right accommodations and care for your loved one. AgingCare’s average customer rating for communities in Colorado is 4.1 stars based on 897 consumer reviews.

There are over 180 assisted living facilities to choose from in Colorado. The average cost for assisted living in Colorado is $3,750 per month, which is below the national average of $3,892 per month.

Median Monthly Cost of Assisted Living in Colorado

Colorado Springs$3,723
Financial Assistance in ColoradoFinancial Assistance Available Available
Cost Information Provided by Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey

Information and Resources for Assisted Living in Colorado

Colorado facilities listed in the Assisted Living DirectoryCommunities 180
Assisted Living Regulating BodyColorado Department of Public & Environment, Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division
% of Population with Alzheimer's10%
2015 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures

How Do You Pay For Assisted Living in Colorado?

Care in a Colorado assisted living community is typically paid for by a resident’s private funds (e.g. savings, 401(k), pension, Social Security, etc.), long-term care insurance, and in some cases, VA benefits.

The Home and Community-Based Services Waiver for those who are Elderly, Blind, or Disabled (EBD) provides assistance to individuals who require long-term support in order to remain living in the community and avoid placement in a nursing facility. Assisted living services are included in the EBD waiver’s benefits. This program is available to people who are ages 65 and older and have a functional impairment or are blind, and adults ages 18-64 who are physically disabled or have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. Additional financial limitations also apply. Eligible persons must receive less than $2,199 per month in income. Single individuals must not have more than $2,000 in countable resources, and a couple's countable resources must not exceed $3,000.

Colorado Assisted Living Licensing Regulations

Department Charged with Licensing and InspectionsColorado Department of Public & Environment, Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division
Publicly Available Inspection Report CardsYes
Required Employee ScreeningYes
Frequency of Inspections 
Upon Initial LicensingYes
Various Intervals Depending on Facility PerformanceYes
Following a ComplaintYes