The Waterfalls

400 Cassata Rd Lake Ronkonkoma NY 11779 (888) 848-5698
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 Aug 2017
If I could give The Waterfalls NO STARS, I would. I went here with my mom to look for my parents. My father is a paralyzed veteran so we were scouting at apartments that could work for them, it's not easy to get him in and out of a car. It takes 2 people just to get him in and out of the car - so for that was the reason we were scouting it, just me and my mom. Lydia was SO unprofessional. I made an appointment the week prior to telling her we wouldn't be able to take my father, and that I understood we can't rent until she meets him. Both me and my mom took a day off from work for the appointment. The first thing Lydia asks is "is today the 9th?? Hmmm. Let me see something". And she proceeds to go on the internet to see when the full moon was. "No the full moon was on the 7th". I'm looking at my mom, confused. She then asks why my father isn't there - completely forgetting what I already told her. I brought a photo of my dad and gave it to her. Telling her again He's paralyzed on his left side and it's a lot of work to come see an apartment If the apartment isn't the right size or right fit. That I wanted to see if my mom liked it first and that we would bring him to meet her if it's a good fit for them. She started yelling at me. And I was saying I just came to see the apartment. And she wouldn't even let me get a word in. She kept yelling "YOURE GETTING WHAT YOU WANT. IM NOT GETTING WHAT I WANT" she must've said this every time I was trying to speak. My mother got uncomfortable and said "maybe this isn't the place for us" and Lydia screamed "MAYBE!!" She is the rudest, most unprofessional, unreasonable person I ever met. All we wanted to do was scout the apartment out. See it if would work. And then bring my father in to meet Lydia. Who wears a belly shirt when you’re a Middle-Aged woman working in an office at a 55+ community?? My parents have been through enough going through my fathers stroke which paralyzed him completely on his left side, and now dealing with having to sell their house bc of affordability. If you care about your parents, friends, family members etc. DO NOT GO HERE. If it's a full moon or not, this lady is nuts.