Stone Lodge

1460 NE 27th St Bend OR 97701 (888) 848-5698

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I am a current client
 Dec 2016
The first problem with Stone Lodge is the food and the bigger issue is the security. Meals take forever to be served, a simple lunch can easily take 90 minutes or longer. Often, the food is inedible and the edible food often arrives barely warm. There has been a succession of cooks, I am starting to think that Stone Lodge just doesn’t want to pay enough for good help. As for security, a new cost cutting policy has been put in place that will have NO ONE on the premises supervising from 7PM to 7AM. Instead, residents are given a pendant to wear and if they fall or have a problem they are to press the button. Do not have your loved one stay at this facility. We will be moving our mother out of there soon. Stone Lodge cannot be trusted to safeguard it’s residents.

 Dec 2015
It is very clean here. I picked the place out myself and I have only been here a short time. I really enjoy it here. Family is important to me and I picked up because my daughter sold her home a... read more