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I am a past client
 Mar 2017
I had bedbugs for 3 months before the greedy, lazy landlord and apartment manager would get rid of them. Someone should call the Health Department on this place. I should have but didn't because they kept telling me they would get rid of them, but they didn't. The bedbugs are in the walls and ceiling. I caught them from another tenant there. There were Water Moccasin poisonous snakes that came into my apartment because the landlord would not put a sweeper on the bottom of my door. I had to kill the snakes myself because nobody would help me. The landlord and apartment manager didn't even ask me how I was doing afterward. Dogs run around everywhere, off leashes, pooping and peeing on the walkways, on your doors. You can't step anywhere without stepping in dog poop. Nobody picks up their dog’s poop. There are dogs without vaccinations and the landlord won't enforce vaccinations. Nobody at this place minds their own business. You can't even get your mail without being harassed. There is no privacy. Once while I was gone, "somebody" went into my apartment and hurt my dog. It could only be either the apartment manager, landlord or maintenance worker.

I interviewed this provider
 Jul 2016
Bed bugs. Not once but twice. Even paid to get rid of them. I found out the apartment had them before I moved in and the manager knew it, but rented to me anyway. Also just a bunch of nosey people. No privacy. Its all about money.