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256 Thurston Road Rochester NY 14619 (888) 848-5698
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I am a past client
 May 2017
Mom lived at the Rochester Presbyterian Home for four years prior to passing in December 2016. We can't say enough about this wonderful facility and will share with you that we "Followed our Noses" when searching for the perfect Assisted Living. I don't know about you, but I don't want to smell anything (other than food items) in the air, and I certainly don't expect my loved one to be emitting any foul odors. I visited RPH on a sporadic schedule but always found mom clean, dressed, hair combed, nails done, and sitting in a chair. Mom had very advanced stage dementia, so keeping her clean and neat was a challenge, but the staff did an outstanding job. The friendly receptionists always greeted us by name and even the business/office staff learned who we were and always acknowledged us. The 4th floor staff was truly an amazing group of individuals that provided an exceptional level of care day in and day out. The final week of mom's life was very difficult, but we were surrounded by our RPH family and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way.