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Rebecca L. Lynn, Attorney at Law, P.A. provides elder law services in Heber Springs, AR 72543. Elder law attorneys specialize in legal issues related to aging like retirement planning, Medicaid, guardianship, and estate planning. To speak to an attorney, contact Rebecca L. Lynn, Attorney at Law, P.A. directly.

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 Apr 2018
My parents, my brother and I visited with Becky Lynn about 8 years ago to begin estate planning. We were most interested in asset protection as my parents were getting older. The family farm had been homesteaded and had been in our family since that time. It was part of our family's wealth and inheritance for future generations and we wanted to keep it that way. We found Becky Lynn to be a wealth of knowledge, but we also found her to be condescending. She approached our concerns as if our desire to shelter our family assets was unscrupulous even stating something to the effect of, "People of means should not be trying to avoid paying their fairshare." Our concerns were not about avoiding any personal responsibility. It was about being diligent in our estate planning and how the law could protect the estate for future generations. My mother had consulted Becky Lynn many times before related to estate issues with extended family. We expected her to be a counselor with our best interest at heart. We were disheartened and appalled when we left her office and ultimately found another attorney to help us. My parents were relatively healthy at the time we visited Becky Lynn. We were trying to be proactive. Things changed within 6 months of finalizing our estate plan. My mother became disabled by a stroke. My father died of heart failure. We are thankful to have found an attorney to help us. It was not Becky Lynn! I decided to write this review after a conversation with my brother earlier in the week where this visit was mentioned again. We both have refused to refer anyone to Becky Lynn for estate planning and have alternately referred them to other legal counsel who was more supportive of our needs. Perhaps others find Becky Lynn worthy of their referral; I do not.