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I am a past client
 Feb 2018
Sadly, the staff was not doing an adequate or acceptable job in caring for my mom. She should never have been allowed to go down the stairs by herself. She has a vision issue, besides being 86 years old. She fell down the stairs. The staff did NOT do the proper protocol--call Emergency/Ambulance. Instead, the staff pulled my mom down the stairs into another room and put her on a hard chair, without arms. Turns out that she had a broken arm, displaced, and a broken pelvis---extremely painful. Ambulance finally came. In hospital and rehab for a long time, as healing of those bones are very very painful and extensive. Do not move a family member to this place!! Prior to this horrific accident---my mom was allowed out of the locked house, and was lost in the city for hours and hours on an extremely hot and humid day. Could have died of heat stroke! The Police and Fire Department finally found her, and returned her to Pioneer---she was beat red, parched, and could have died of heat stroke!! This entire episode happened a second time--she she was mistaken for a visitor, and they held the door open for my elderly mom, and she was let loose into the city, unaware of traffic, etc, and was gone for hours and hours, before they found her! Stay away from this awful and careless group home --and find a place where the staff will actually take care of the sweet elderly people that are helpless and unable to navigate day-to-day living.