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I am a current client
 Aug 2016
I have had the opportunity to visit first hand, the Haven, and the food that the residents are getting. Many, many times…more than I could even count, I have heard complaints from my family members staying in the Haven regarding the poor quality of the food being served. Examples: Yesterday evening 8/13/16 (Saturday night meal). The kitchen served 1 cold ham sandwich. No cheese, 1 thin slice of ham and potato chips. The day before 8/12/16 (Friday noon meal). Served 1 bun with a thin, small hotdog and fried potatoes. The bun was too large for the hotdog and I can guarantee that the hot dog was probably the cheapest and least nutritious one that could be purchased. Now for the fried potatoes…Very brown and very greasy. The evening meal Friday night 8/12/16 was goulash. Content was mainly noodles and tomato sauce, hardly any meat and corn for the side dish. Starch, Starch and more Starch seems to be the overriding goal for these "Nutritious and Homemade" meals that they advertise. Not once have I seen a green vegetable in three days. Even the nurses are embarrassed by the poor food quality, but it is out of their hands. One even stated she wouldn't serve her own mother that food. I will say that the nurses are doing a great job and I am very pleased with the care they provide.I have asked them "Officially" for a response to contain an action plan for improvement. As much money as my family pays per month, it is atrocious to say the very least.