Memory & Wellness Center At Florida Atlantic University

777 Glades Road Boca Raton FL 33431
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I am a past client
 Dec 2017
There is not enough staff to client ratio at Memory & Wellness Center at Florida Atlantic University. Staff is under trained and not equipped to deal with many Alzheimer's clients. I have been called several times to come and get my husband or that "we need your help". Why would a care facility that deals with this type of disease need my help to deal with an Alzheimer's patient. There was an incident of a gold ring stolen from my husband as well. I was told that they could not find it! Unless your loved one is totally out of it and has no mental functions what so ever, don't send them to the FAU Memory and Wellness Center. I am thoroughly angered and upset with these people who want me to send an aide with my husband to keep him occupied while there. What a preposterous idea. Sending an aide to aid the staff with doing their jobs. The case manager has no idea of how to work with people who have dementia. It was she who called me many times to "help" them or "come and get my husband". They have no idea or skills as to how to "redirect".