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333 Thompson Street Hendersonville NC 28792 (888) 848-5698
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I am a current client
 Nov 2016
3 was chosen as to not to appear overly/angrily critical for Lake Pointe Landing! We paid over $3750/mo. rent for a Patio Home (duplex, about 1300 sq. ft.) in this area. Rates increase every year. For that we each have 13 meals/month. Food is promoted as 1st rate. In fact, it is probably C+ institutional food. From all outward appearances the property is well maintained and has the appearance of being totally upscale -- the first look by prospective residents. In any and all questions regarding facilities and/or areas of concern, Ms. Hood is counselor, prosecutor and judge. There is no avenue for questioning or dispute for the hundreds of residents who live here. I have come to the position that any and all areas of life where basic needs are at play must never be in a for-profit venue. Profiteering will always win -- at least financially.