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 Apr 2018
My father transferred from an assisted living facility to Julie Blair. He died after being there three weeks so I cannot comment upon the care but there are other things I can comment on. My father did not have and did not want a DNR yet, without my knowledge he was signed one. He had dementia. I was his health care proxy and his power of attorney yet I was not notified. On the morning of his death I was called and told that "he was unresponsive" so I went down and spent the day and evening. The doctor would not talk to me. When I noticed he had pneumonia, I told the doctor who said they would put him on an antibiotic but failed to give me any other information. He was suppose to get morphine so they put in an order but there was a problem getting it to the nursing home so he didn't get morphine for the pain until about 5pm. I went home not knowing what to expect next. When I left him he was "responsive" and lucid. I received a phone call a couple hours after leaving telling me that my father was again "unresponsive," When I arrived, and saw him, I called for the nurse and told her that I thought he had died. She said that yes, he had, and I was told via phone call. I explained that I was told he was "unresponsive," She stated that "unresponsive" meant he had died. Apparently "unresponsive" means different things to different nurses.